January Sale at James Freeman Gallery

Now this is a fun show. Hyemin Park has a number of strands to her work – at the Supervisions show at the KCC this time last year she had a project creating poetry out of restaurant names, for display in London Underground carriages.

Hyemin Park Poems on the Underground project

At the 4482 group show in the Bargehouse in February 2010 there was a disturbing video project set in a disused children’s hospital entitled Happy Ever After.

And in the Coningsby Gallery in July 2010 she displayed her IKEA project: a wall of cartoon-like sketches of objects you can find in IKEA – together with their prices. And the prices for her sketches were the same as the prices of the objects they depict.

Well, it’s January, so it’s sale time. So, just as the prices in IKEA will have been reduced, the prices of Hyemin’s sketches have also been reduced. For three days only. Hurry while stocks last.

The January Sale

Part of Hyemin Park’s Ongoing “IKEA Project”

13 – 15 January 2011

Opening Reception: Thursday 13 January, 6 – 8pm – RSVP

Hyemin Park’s drawings are curious little things. Based on images found in IKEA Catalogues, she faithfully reproduces the product shots, together with their prices, in pen onto small box canvases, and then sells the artworks for the same price as the product that it is based on. The artist herself does the selling as well as the production, in an artistic performance project designed to play with both the relationship between “art” and product”, but also how an artist can find new and innovative ways to interact with her audience.

“The January Sale” will be the second part of Hyemin’s ongoing “IKEA Project”. Following the success of the first event in August 2010, where over half the drawings sold, Hyemin will be selling the remaining works at a dramatic discount, compacting the traditional January Sale into an intense three day art shopping event. She will also be introducing new product lines for 2011.

The opening reception will see Hyemin take over the lower ground floor of the gallery to create a bargain basement of her IKEA drawings, which she will personally present to the buying public. To receive an invitation to the opening on Thursday 13 January, please contact the gallery.


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