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Films from the 70s: Yalkae, a Joker in High School screens at the KCC

Screening this Thursday at the KCC is a 1970s Youth film:

Yalkae a joker in high schoolYalkae, A Joker in High School (1976)

7pm, Thursday 17th March

Director: SEOK Rae-myung
Cast: LEE Seung-hyun, JEONG Yun-hui
Genre: Drama
Certificate: 12 (South Korea)
Running Time: 97 mins

The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground Floor, Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

Booking is required, please email [email protected] or call 020 7004 2600 to reserve your place. Admission is free.

The Film

Na Du-su, who sports the nickname of “Yalkae” (meaning “cheeky, cocky person”), has been a high school sophomore for two years. His partner-in-mischief Yong-ho, whose father runs a hospital, is also repeating his grade. Together, they play pranks on their friends and teachers and neglect their studies. One day, Du-su goes to the house of a teacher named Baek Sang-do, who rents a room from a grocery store owner, for after-school lessons. There, he falls for In-suk, whose mother owns the grocery store. When a classmate named Ho-cheol tells on him to Mr. Baek, he decides to get Ho-cheol back. During class, he paints Ho-cheol’s glasses red and yells, “Fire!” Ho-cheol ends up getting his glasses broken, and Du-su gets sent to the principal’s office. When Ho-cheol fails to show up at school after that day, Du-su goes to his house. He sheds tears of remorse when he learns that Ho-cheol, whose family is too poor to afford a new pair of glasses for him, fell during his milk deliveries and injured his leg. Du-su takes on the deliveries in Ho-cheol’s stead. He even takes notes in class for Ho-cheol, and begins to develop an interest in study. While continuing to run the milk delivery route in secret, he gets into a car accident and hurts his arm. Du-su’s good deeds come to light because of the accident, winning him the approbation of his family and his teachers. Even In-suk, who had pretended to act coldly toward Du-su to make him come to his senses, visits him with a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

Source: Korean Film Archive

Please be advised that visitors cannot be admitted after 7.10pm.

For more information please visit:

Additional Event – Talk by Mark Morris

Prior to the screening of Yalkae, Dr Mark Morris from Cambridge University will give a brief talk about the ’70s Korean Cinema and Youth Films which was particularly popular at that time.

For more information or to make a booking, please call +44 (0)20 7004 2600 or email [email protected]

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