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Two recent low-lights in Korea-related publishing

Two recent books to avoid:

  • Kimchi-flavored erotica? “In Deep Kimchi” on Amazon: Looks totally dreadful, particularly as it seems to be about sex with a J-pop band #. Via

    In Deep Kimchi and Dokdo 33 Shouts
    Recent low-lights in Korea-related publishing
  • Charles Montgomery says a new book on Dokdo Thirty Three Shouts is “A Complete Waste of Time #

2 thoughts on “Two recent low-lights in Korea-related publishing

  1. My curiosity got the better of me after reading this blog and I ordered the book.
    – Did it have anything to do with kimchi or Korea? Nope.
    – Was it rather simplistic and could the writing have been better? Yes.
    – Was it funny and hugely entertaining, anyway? HECK, YES!
    Best easy read I’ve had in a while 🙂

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