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Parasite: a non-review

What can one say about a movie that has won Best Picture at Cannes and the Oscars, that has won best screenplay at the Oscars and BAFTAs, best edited drama feature at the Eddies, and best ensemble performance at the Screen Actors Guild? A movie that has been seen more widely in this country, and … [Read More]

The LKL quiz of the year 2017

I’m currently going through my 2017 press cuttings and trying to make sense of them, in the hope that as in (some) previous years I’ll be able to pull together a series of posts summarising some of the most newsworthy stories of the year. In case I don’t manage to get that done (after all, … [Read More]

The Japanese YouTube campaign on Dokdo

Wisely, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has disabled comments on their Dokdo propaganda video uploaded to YouTube a few days ago. Because otherwise they’d be deluged with some pretty hostile feedback. And not just from angry Koreans. The map they provide is downright misleading. To a viewer who knows nothing, it seems perfectly reasonable … [Read More]

Looking back at 2012: DPRK and regional news

In the third of four round-ups of things that caught our eye in 2012, we look back at some of the stories from the DPRK and Seoul’s external relations. DPRK The leadership transition proceeded smoothly, contrary to many observers’ expectations. Kim Jong-un showed that he had inherited his father’s expensive tastes, with a story that … [Read More]

Japanese invaders colonise Dokdo

This month’s magazine features Dokdo, but in cataloguing the island’s human and plant inhabitants, the magazine reveals five species with suspiciously Japanese-sounding names that have a firm foothold on the Korean islands. In the plant world, there’s Artemisia japonica var. macrocephala Pampan and Rumex japonicus Houttuyn (both ominously said to be “spreading quickly these … [Read More]

A look back at 2011 – part 3

In the final part of our look back at 2011, we summarise some of the news stories which caught our eye. China This year the region’s biggest economy continued flexing its muscles: it conducted the first test flight of its new stealth fighter, announced that it had deployed stealth missile speedboats in the East China … [Read More]

Two recent low-lights in Korea-related publishing

Two recent books to avoid: Kimchi-flavored erotica? “In Deep Kimchi” on Amazon: Looks totally dreadful, particularly as it seems to be about sex with a J-pop band #. Via Charles Montgomery says a new book on Dokdo Thirty Three Shouts is “A Complete Waste of Time # [Read More]

DPRK embassy e-bulletin 7 April 2006: Dokdo

The text of a release circulated by the DPRK Embassy in London yesterday: DPRK Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman Slams Japan’s Claim to Tok Islet Pyongyang, April 6 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry in a statement issued on April 6 accused the Japanese authorities of recently allowing the description of Tok Islet as … [Read More]