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The Japanese YouTube campaign on Dokdo

Wisely, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has disabled comments on their Dokdo propaganda video uploaded to YouTube a few days ago. Because otherwise they’d be deluged with some pretty hostile feedback. And not just from angry Koreans.

Utsuryo / Ulleungdo

The map they provide is downright misleading. To a viewer who knows nothing, it seems perfectly reasonable that an island located between two other islands with Japanese names would obviously belong to Japan. But of course, the island labelled as “Utsuryo” on the map, and to which Dokdo / Takeshima is closer, is in fact the Korean island of Ulleungdo.

If you want to raise your blood pressure by watching the Japanese message, you can find it on YouTube, but I’m not embedding the propaganda here. I advise against it, as you’ll probably end up throwing something at your computer screen in rage.