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Gig Review: Dok2 at the Coronet Theatre

Saharial reports from Sunday’s live Kpop concert

It’s not often that London is graced with the presence of Korean Hip-hop, but the Kpop Team announced proudly a month or so ago that they had arranged for Dok2 to have a concert in London, not just to showcase a talented act, but to hopefully pave the way for more events like this happening.

Dok2 at the Coronet Theatre
Dok2 in action at the Coronet Theatre

Dok2 (pronounced Dok-ee, 2 in Korean is ‘ee’) is 21 year old Lee Joon Kyoung (이준경), who has already worked with big names in the Korean Music Industry like Tiger JK as well as releasing his own albums and managing a company with fellow artiste The Quiett. Dok2, meaning axe, also goes by the names Gonzo Tha Notorious Kid or The Dirty South Korean. I have three albums he’s featured on, Tiger JK’s 8th and 2 Epik High, but had not heard any of his solo work before, so was keen to hear his voice stand alone. It might seem odd, but I didn’t listen to his work before the concert — I wanted to have the live experience first.

After no less than ten warm up acts that covered funky beats, singing, south London freestyle and some excellent boogaloo style dancing, it was finally time for Dok2 to take to the stage. Dressed in jeans, a grey hoodie and baseball cap, his stage presence is far more powerful than the other acts, not needing to run about the stage and waste energy. Its clear he has learned well from the other hip-hop artistes he’s worked with, giving a professional and mature performance, able to get audience participation immediately and willingly. Whilst his set was a mere twenty minutes, it was a hardworking, intense performance that has convinced me to buy his two albums once pay day arrives. To perform at this level already so early in his career means we can expect a lot more from him in the years to come. I hope a return visit will be one of them.

Image courtesy of Jonb at the KPop Team

2 thoughts on “Gig Review: Dok2 at the Coronet Theatre

    • Jonb: Yo, his performance was 32 minutes … I know cos we got all his tracks beforehand … lol
  1. lol.. I guess it’s cos he said ‘its been 20 minutes already’ when we protested at ‘the last song’
    I guess its a plus point we don’t clock watch during his gig 😉 Cheers for the correction 🙂

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