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Event news: The Murmuring to screen at the KCC

The second film this month to explore the sensitive topic of Korea’s relations with Japan in the twentieth century is The Murmuring (낮은 목소리 1995), a documentary by Byeon Yeong-ju. The film also dovetails with the films next month, which are by female directors. The Murmuring is the first of three documentaries by Director Byeon which covers the experiences of the so-called “Comfort Women”. It is an important film, but because of its subject matter you should not expect an easy 98 minutes:

The Murmuring - Byeon Yeong-juDirector: Byeon Yeong-ju
Running Time: 98 mins
Screening Date: August 25, 2011, 7pm
Number of Seats: 130
Theartre: Multi Purpose Hall, KCCUK

To celebrate Liberation Day in Korea (15 August) the KCCUK will screen The Murmuring, a documentary about the surviving ‘Comfort Women’ of Korea. These were women that we forced into prostitution by the Japanese Army during the occupation. The film follows the women who are still very active, protesting the Japanese Government for an apology and compensation for their treatment.

This film is the first in a season of films looking at Women Directors which we will continue to look at for the next month.

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