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Manchester CUBE is now ‘To Let’ courtesy of Junebum Park

LKL has long been a fan of video artist Junebum Park. He will be appearing at the Asia Triennial in Manchester which starts in October. In the meanwhile, there’s an experimental event at CUBE – the Centre for the Urban Built Environment: one of Europe’s most exciting art, architecture and design centres, dedicated to broadcasting the ideas and issues that lie behind the buildings, spaces and cultural networks that make up our built environment.

Manchester CubeJUNEBUM PARK: To Let
Preview: 1st September 6-9pm
Late Night Opening: 30th September 6-8pm
Exhibition continues: 2nd September ‐ 5th October

CUBE is delighted to be announcing from the 1st of September CUBE will be ‘To Let’. This project is a new commission and plays a major part of our forthcoming exhibition.

Junebum Park is an artist based in Korea. Through a clever shift of perspective, Junebum transforms the most ordinary of environments into extraordinary scenes in which the artist’s hands interfere with the forces and currents in a way that is both comic and timely.

The artist has reflectively made work directly to his experiences in Manchester, which living out of a suitcase! has continued his research into personal feelings in differing living urban conditions across the world.

The exhibition at CUBE will showcase Manchester based work alongside works that have, in the past engaged with other environments.

Home or away, Junebum’s practice engages the audience to re‐ think of our surroundings in a magical way, the way that we sometimes forget to view the world with the grind of daily life.

The way of a child playing with toys, with a city to play with rather than a toy box.

The artist has been commissioned by CUBE to develop new work for an exhibition in its main gallery, opening on the 2nd September and running until the 5th October. This commission will act as a world premiere.

From the 19th November to the 5th December, Junebum will be exhibiting ‘Puzzle’ – a video installation looking at the systems governing human behaviour at the Egg Space, Media City. Both exhibitions form part of Asia Triennial Manchester 2011.

Junebum Park

Born in Jeju, Korea in 1976, Junebum Park graduated from Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul in 2002 with a BFA.

Working in the medium of the moving image he playfully manipulates familiar everyday situations using video and collage. He has exhibited extensively in group shows both in Korea and internationally with recent shows at the Museum of Arts and Design (New York) and the Contemporary Urban Centre (Liverpool Biennial).


One thought on “Manchester CUBE is now ‘To Let’ courtesy of Junebum Park

  1. Good time to move into Manchester. When I was there I wasn’t aware of the Korean community. However I was aware of the Chinese community of Manchester (and their excellent restaurants).

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