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Highlights of the Thames Festival

    The Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra and dancer

  1. The Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra playing Wondergirls and SNSD. And their amazing body-popping dancer
  2. The Kukkiwon Taekwondo team rehearse their moves in the dry

  3. The Kukkiwon Taekondo demo team performing in the pouring rain. Amazing that no-one broke their neck
  4. Inside the Noraebang tent

  5. The crazy K-pop lovers in their noraebang tent singing along to their favourite K-pop tunes
  6. Some of the Korea Calling volunteers

  7. The amazing enthusiasm & energy of the seemingly hundreds of young @KCCUK volunteers. Thanks everyone!
  8. Kimchi burger

  9. The quality of the beef in @KimchiCult’s Kimchi burgers. Great with a London Pride from the beer tent!
  10. Sancheong's herbal cookies

  11. The learned physicians and tasty herbal cookies and cordials in Sancheong’s tent were really popular.
  12. The Yeosu beach ball

  13. The massive white beach ball in front of the Yeosu tent. Messages on it were mostly “I love SHINee”
  14. A K-pop band on the big screen

  15. The cute boy bands and girl bands in the K-pop videos on the big screen above the stage
  16. The screening of Crossroads of Youth

  17. The silent film screening Crossroads of Youth, with authentic live narrator and music
  18. Sef Townsend at the KCC

  19. Sef Townsend’s storytelling and other family events at the KCC, including Stories of the River

Thanks to Jeon Hye-jung and all at the KCCUK for a putting together Korea Calling at the Thames Festival. A massive hit.

All photos sourced with permission from the KCCUK’s Flickr account, apart from the Sookmyung Gayageum Orchestra and Sancheong’s herbal cookies, which are © LKL


More photos from the Festival on the KCCUK’s Flickr photostream

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