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UNLASTED: Imagination as Experience at Hanmi Gallery

Hanmi Gallery’s interim exhibitions are coming thick and fast. Here’s #5, which starts this Friday:


Unlasted poster23 Sept – 7 Oct
Hanmi Gallery
5th Interim Exhibition
Private View
Fri 23rd Sept, 6-­‐9pm
Hanmi Gallery,
30 Maple St, London, W1T 6HA.
Opening Hours: Mon -­‐ Sat 11am – 6pm

You are invited to come and experience the latest offering from new central London art space Hanmi Gallery, in the 5th Interim Exhibition entitled UNLASTED. 7 artists are using the whole space to explore the idea of ‘exhibition as experience’ in a show that promises the unconventional. The show will be a frameless one apart from being within the physical structure of the gallery itself. A structure that will be used to create narratives in a series of site-specific works inspired by the imaginary. The modifiable nature of the raw space provided to the artists has given them the opportunity to improvise and exploit their surroundings in a way that generates dialogues with the building itself. Exploring a range of senses, the work will be demonstrating the individual concerns of the artists involved, whilst also collaboratively putting into existence the ‘experience’ intended as the shows medium. UNLASTED aims to fulfil in its audience, a simple desire to be presented with new approaches within long established systems, and it wants you to be there to experience it.

Participating Artists

Sid Seokhan Jung

Sid is a person who makes things. One day, he told me he saw a face on the table.

Marcus Aitken

Marcus holds no bounds to where his practice will take him next. Constantly experimenting with materials and ideas his new piece “The Void” will transport his audience into a new world.

Chris Cooper

Chris believes in the potential of small gestures. In UNLASTED he has created works that use sound and installation to both raise issues of value and guide invisible currents.

Netta Peltola

Netta’s work often involves unusual play with space, abandoned and mundane objects. In UNLASTED she has created an installation piece that invites the visitor to think “inside the box”.

Yeji Yun

Yeji is a South Korean born, London based illustrator who likes to explore new and unusual places. Now she’s building a bizarre landscape and bringing up all the hidden creatures in the barren space of the gallery.

Glynn Bolter

Glynn is an artist who is interested in the sonic potential of outdated consumer electronics and the inherent anomalies and specific qualities of the sounds they produce both intended and unintended by their manufacturer; exploiting this to explore themes of memory, nostalgia, decay and flux.

Benjamin Philips

Benjamin plays Chinese whispers with images. Some things get muddled and lost whilst new things are discovered.


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