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Tripod Performance Night – Vanity of Vanities – at MokSpace

Those who attended the Crossfields opening night at the KCC two years ago may remember a striking performance by Ku Hye-young, who followed it up by doing a piano recital dressed in black bin bags.

Expect more out-of-the-ordinary performance at Mokspace this Friday, together with a fashion showcase:

Tripod Performance Night – Vanity of Vanities
23 September · 18:00 – 21:00

33, Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH
London, United Kingdom

Tripod Project

Created by:
Gaeun Ji, Hyeyoung Ku, Dongbeom Seo

More info
By Hyeyoung Ku. Dongbeom Seo. Karen Gaeun Ji

Performance Schedules

Fashion Showcase & Wine Reception

The collaborative performance project group Tripod is composed of three enthusiastic members: performance artist Hyeyoung Ku, fashion stylist Dongbeom Seo, and independent curator Karen Gaeun Ji. We organise pop-up performance events that combine the performative art scene with eclectic tastes in fashion and music, which particularly respond to specific performance sites, time and people. Tripod aims to frequently collaborate with musicians and contemporary dancers in order to create a more dynamic scene of crossed-over genres on stage so that synergetic approaches and effects inspiringly emerge. Tripod’s projects are not limited to one specific theme or formation, but are always in transition depending on freely expanded inspiration from its venue and each figure involved. Seeking the synthetic experience of diverse genres, the ideas of performance projects tend to stand on the experimental border between high fashion and fine art. Due to the overacted gestures and overdramatised atmosphere throughout the performance, the elements of cliche in both realms are explicitly exposed. Tripod hopes to open somewhat peculiar theatrical and surrealistic moments by its suggested performative situation so that the audience can physically and psychologically encounter or confront the banal performativity of popular culture and everyday life.


(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

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