Kimjongilia screens as part of North Korea Freedom Week

This week is North Korea Freedom Week in London, and it’s rather interesting to see the KCCUK getting involved. On Monday there was a screening of Crossing, and on Friday there’s one of Kimjongilia.

Other events are screenings down in New Malden, a North Korea Human Rights photo exhibition, and a talk in Parliament. More details at

Kimjongilia posterDate: 27 April 2012, 6pm
Title: Kimjongilia (2009)
Director: N.C. Heikin
Running time: 76min (Eng subs)
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre UK
(No bookings required)
Organised by Christian Solidarity Worldwide

About the Film

North Korea is one of the world’s most isolated nations. For sixty years, North Koreans have been governed by a totalitarian regime that controls all information entering and leaving the country. A cult of personality surrounds its two recent leaders: first, Kim Il Sung, and now his son, Kim Jong Il. For Kim Jong Il’s 46th birthday, a hybrid red begonia named kimjongilia was created, symbolizing wisdom, love, justice, and peace. The film draws its name from the rarefied flower and reveals the extraordinary stories told by survivors of North Korea’s vast prison camps, of devastating famine, and of every kind of repression. All of the interviews featured took place in South Korea, where the defectors now live. Their experiences are interspersed with archival footage of North Korean propaganda films and original scenes that illuminate the contours of daily life for a people whose every action is monitored and whose every thought could bring official retribution. Along with the survivors’ stories, Kimjongilia examines the mass illusion possible under totalitarianism and the human rights abuses required to maintain that illusion. Ultimately, the defectors are inspiring, for despite the extremes they have suffered, they still hold out hope for a better future.

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