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Korean Music Ensemble Baramgot at the Purcell Room

LKL is a great fan of Baramgot, and they return to the South Bank with the added attraction of crossover haegeum player Ccotbyel. Not to be missed.

Korean Music Ensemble Baramgot

Date: 29 July 2012, 7:45pm
Venue: Purcell Room


Baramgot return to Southbank Centre led by Won Il, bringing a fresh approach to the mystical and dynamic sounds of Korea.

Taking Korea’s musical improvisation, Sinawi, and arranging it with the diverse spectrum of tone and rhythm that is found in this type of traditional music, Baramgot present a swirling body of work that captivates you from beginning to end.

Korean music ensemble Baramgot aspires to revive and transmit the traditional practice by which musicians compose music through the act of performance. The five players of Baramgot, in an intense pursuit of delicate and precise sonorities, craft new music through an imaginative integration of instruments, performance process and creation.

Baramgot’s music is based on three traditional Korean music genres:

  1. Sanjo, the ultimate instrumental solo genre
  2. Sinawi, a heterophonic and improvisational ensemble music, and
  3. Gut, the music of shaman rituals, festivals and healing

The main motif of Baramgot’s music comes from korean traditional myths, legends and folk tales such as the Great Journey of Princess Bari. When Baramgot put this music on stage, their music features a musical play, where sounds represent a musical language with dance, images, lighting and art combined to create a visual genre reinforcing the musical theatre.

Using these rich cultural roots as a springboard for creation, Baramgot has transformed the sonic resonance of Korean heritage into modern music. The living and powerful music of Baramgot has caught the attention of both domestic and international audiences and their performances have received rave reviews in many countries.


  1. Chaeolim
  2. Beingbing
  3. GAN (Space in between)
  4. Shh
  5. Vagabond (Traveller of the wind)
  6. Dalgut
  7. Bari Sinawi


  • Won Il piri percussion
  • Park Soon-a gayageum
  • Lee Ccotbyel haegeum
  • Park Woo-jae geomungo
  • Lee A-ram daegeum

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