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Pansori Project ZA at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

This event should be the highlight of the All Eyes on Korea concerts at the end of July.

Pansori Project ‘ZA’ performs Sacheon-ga

Date: 30 July 2012, 7:30pm
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall

Pansori Project Za

Pansori, with its themed stories, is a form of musical theatre recognised by UNESCO, and Pansori Project ‘ZA’ bring these Korean songs of love and satire to the stage with Pansori Brecht SACHEON-GA. This work is made from the endeavour of creating a modernised Pansori, one which matches the spirit of our times and whose narrative style is integrated with modern dramatic elements. It is performed mainly by a sorikkun (singer) who sings the narrative as contemporary musical and dramatic elements are gradually added.

In transforming Brecht’s epic drama The Good Woman of Sezchuan, the emphasis is to revive the theme of social criticism and the narrative manner of his work in a Pansori style. The author of the work, Lee Jaram, highlights the theme of this epic drama by translating Brecht’s world into contemporary times and by making the mood even more satirical and humorous.

Pansori Project ‘ZA’ is a group creating contemporary Pansori, a genre of Korean traditional narrative song. It consists of promising artists from various fields of arts: traditional / pop music, theatre and contemporary dance, all of whom agreed to make new and dynamic Pansori.

Lee Jaram, sorikkun, writer, composer and music director:

  • has devoted herself to making audiences familiar with Pansori by creating new, contemporary and accessible performances of this traditional art
  • is registered in the Guinness Book of Records for completing an 8 hour Pansori performance
  • is winner of the Best Actress award at the 2010 Kontakt Festival, Poland.

Musicians: Jung Jae-il | Lee Hyang-ha | Shin Seung-tae
Actors: Oh Dae-seok | Lee Yoon-jae | Oh Yujin

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