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Gangjeong awareness campaign to come to Trafalgar Square

The campaign to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the building of the Gangjeong Naval Base in Jeju Island has had a number of events in London, including a demonstration outside the South Korean embassy and an event at the Old Justic pub. The campaign is coming to Trafalgar Square on 8 September, thus coinciding with the Thames Festival in London, but more importantly coinciding with an environmental conference being held in Jeju-do near the construction site. The organisers encourage you to enter into the spirit of things by coming along dressed as a crab!

Gangjeong Environmental Protest

Gangjeong UK in the City
The Gangjeong information campaign comes to the City of London. Image courtesy of Gangjeong UK

Our next action in support of the people of Gangjeong will be on Septmber 8th at Trafalgar Square from 1pm onwards.

This is in response to an appeal from Gangjeong for international solidarity events from 2-9th September.

In case you are unaware, there will be a major environmental conference held by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) just 7km from Gangjeong. To add to the torments of the hard fighting people of Gangjeong, the conference is being sponsored by (among other corporations) Samsung, lead contractor in the Jeju Island naval base project, and by President Lee Myung Bak’s government. Consequently the IUCN are refusing to condemn the environmental destruction happening on Jeju Island.

Please join us in showing our support and getting this issue better known in the UK. We will want to get all the points across, but especially on this occasion will highlight the environmental issue. Please get creative with banners, songs etc, and if you happen to have a dolphin or crab costume in your wardrobe, this will be a perfect chance to give it an airing!

The Korean Cultural Centre is just 100m away from Trafalgar Square, and we may also cause a scene there too as part of our action.

More info to follow.


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