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Photos from All Eyes on Korea at the Thames Festival 2012

We didn’t manage to see all of the All Eyes on Korea Thames Festival events, but here’s a flavour of some of them…

1. The Kukkiwon Taekwondo demonstration team practising on the evening before the Festival. They wowed the audience on Saturday with an encore featuring PSY’s Gangnam Style.

Thames Festival Taekwondo practice

2. CJ’s new restaurant, Bibigo, was selling some of their condiments, and dishing out free bibimbap:

Thames Festival Bibimbap

3. Needless to say, free bibimbap was popular with the punters:

Thames Festival - the queue for the bibimbap

4. One of the more interesting and unusual events was Meekyoung Shin’s reconstruction of the Cheomseongdae observatory out of soap. Here she is (in the dark T-shirt and dark glasses) supervising the finishing touches:

Thames Festival Soapy Cheomseongdae

5. Two tonnes of soap was donated by Lush for the event. Here’s what was left over after day one. It’ll all get used on day two:

Thames Festival - piles of Lush soap

6. Meanwhile at a booth next door, Hong Sang-sik was running a noodle workshop. A finished work:

Thames Festival Hong Sang-sik noodle sculptures

7. Not much is getting made here, but people are having great fun anyway:

Thames Festival - playing with noodles

8. And yes, that’s a noodle-sculpted “Hi!”

Thames Festival - a noodle-sculpted Annyeong

9. The traditional folk games were also proving popular with the young visitors…

Thames Festilval - a traditional Korean folk game

10. … while for the grown-ups there was Lee Lee-nam’s video work to entertain us in between events on the main stage:

Thames Festival Lee Lee-nam video work

11. Yeonheedan Palsandae delighted the crowds with traditional music and dance:

Thames Festival - traditional music from Yeonheedan Palsandae

12. And the weather was kind too:

Evening sun at the Thames Festival

Thanks to the KCC and sponsors for another great festival.

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