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Lee Kangwook: Invisible Space, at HADA Vyner Street

After a brief showing at Asia House in August, Lee Kangwook has a slightly longer exhibition at HADA Vyner Street this month:

Lee Kangwook: Invisible Space

4 – 26 OCTOBER 2012

Lee Kangwook: Invisible Space

Hada Contemporary is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Lee Kangwook (b.1976, South Korea). This exhibition aims to explore his artistic oeuvre centered around the ‘Invisible Spaces’ through meticulously painted beautiful abstract layers of microcosm, especially showcasing his most recent works including Lee’s first wall painting.

Lee Kangwook has been investigating extensively on the ‘invisible spaces’ of the human body and of the universe and its interconnectedness from the early stage of his artistic oeuvre. His earlier paintings concentrated on the depiction of evident microscopic body with amorphous and organic formed cellular motif drawings accompanied by enlarged semi transparent cells images at the backdrop. These central forms in the paintings gradually evolves into geometric shapes and linear lines dominant in abstract quality with decorative exquisiteness which seems to explore grandeur macroscopic universal order of the galaxy. The artist’s continuous exploration into this abstract visual language is the eloquent manifestation of the infinitely expansive and invisible spaces, in which, we search for the truth of ‘the whole’, ‘the one’, ‘myself’ and their interconnectivity through the inevitable similarities between the micro and the macro and the body and the cosmos.

According to Upanishad, the ancient Hindu philosophy, the world is symbolised by two different concepts – Braham and Atman. Brahman is the universal spirit and the ultimate essence of the absolute infinite existence of the cosmos and Atman signifies an individual self and the soul of living creatures. As many of Eastern religions and philosophies have originated from the Upanishad, the artist draws attention to its core philosophy that the two opposite factors are after all equal in its essence. Especially to the ancient Indian’s belief on that the human body is connected with unparalleled cosmic significance and parts of the body are homologised with cosmic phenomena. Likewise, Lee’s paintings and its compositions evoke of infinite cosmic space full of minute particles simultaneously which we expect to discover in both macro and micro spaces.

E2 9DG
+44 (0)20 8983 7700
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Wednesday – Friday : 11am to 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11am to 4pm
or by appointment

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