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Sanghyun Kim solo exhibition at Mokspace

Sanghyun Kim’s intricate work created by burning incense on paper recently featured in a group show at Mokspace. He now gets a two-week solo show at the same venue:

Sanghyun Kim solo exhibition

Mokspace Gallery, 33 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH
Exhibition Dates : 2 Oct – 15 Oct 2012
Opening Hours : 11am – 6pm, Every day

Kim Sanghyun poster

My works are visual narrative expression towards objects. The method of work consists of burning incense against paper. My choice of methodology relates to traditional Asian culture where we used to burn incense in shamanistic ceremony for better harvest, fertility and health. The blind faith that this action will cast spell over my work and wishing that my longings will be fulfilled. My work can be interpreted as merger of past and present. Since the incense burning was used to conjure up the spirits / ancestors above the sky, I would like to believe that my work is able to connect the earth and the sky, ultimately creating no border between reality and unreality. Therefore, my subject matters are not only expressed but executed in the act of prayer, reaching out to spiritual figures beyond human power. This act is partly also to make up for the amount energy I spend and remind myself the wishes, desires and events in the past and be finally able to let them go without holding on to specific things.

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