The big London Im Kwon-taek retrospective – confirmed screening dates and times

Im Kwon-taek

There’s truly an over-indulgence in K-film over the next few weeks. In between the BFI London Film Festival which features no fewer than six Korean films, and the regular London Korean Film Festival at the beginning of November, we have an Im Kwon-taek retrospective, organised by the KCC in collaboration with the BFI and the ICA. Here’s a list of the screenings so that you know where to blank out your diaries.

TitleDateTimeRunning Time
Screenings at the BFI
Im Kwon-taek in conversationOct 2518:3060 mins
Mandala (만다라, 1981)Oct 2520:40105 mins
Oct 2718:10
Jakko / Pursuit of Death / Mismatched Nose (짝코, 1980)Oct 2218:30110 mins
Oct 2720:45
Gilsoddeum (길소뜸, 1985)Oct 2220:45105 mins
Oct 2818:20
Surrogate Woman (씨받이, 1986)Oct 2320:3095 mins
Oct 2820:40
The Taebaek Mountains (태백산맥, 1994)Oct 2619:50168 mins
Oct 2814:50
Chihwaseon / Drunk on Women and Poetry (취화선, 2002)Oct 2420:40120 mins
Oct 3018:00
Come, come, come, upward (아제 아제 바라 아제, 1989)Oct 2318:00134 mins
Nov 320:30
Seopyeonje (서편제, 1993)Oct 2418:20112 mins
Nov 220:45
Screenings at the ICA
Village in the Mist (안개 마을, 1983)Oct 1918:4591 mins
Festival (축제, 1996)Oct 2021:00100 mins
The General’s Son (장군의 아들, 1990)Oct 2116:00108 mins
Ticket (티켓, 1987)Oct 2618:30107 mins
Chunhyang (춘향뎐, 2000) + Director Q&AOct 2718:00134 mins
Hanji / Scooping the Moonlight (달빛 길어올리기, 2010)Oct 3118:30118 mins
A Low Life (하류인생, 2004)Nov 216:00106 mins


  • Book tickets on the BFI | ICA websites (though the films are not listed at time of writing)

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