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Moon So-ri is the first of 2013’s four actors. First up, The President’s Barber.

Following on from the year of the 12 directors, we have the year of the 4 actors. The first to be confirmed is Moon So-ri, who for me is pretty high up in the list of my favourites – particularly for her role in Im Sang-soo’s A Good Lawyer’s Wife, which I hope will get an airing in the next month or so.

First screening of the year is The President’s Barber (Lim Chan-sang, 2004) on 17th January. I really can’t bring myself to reproduce here the Konglish synopsis that appears on the KCC website. You can read it for yourself here, and also book for the screening. But for an interesting discussion of the film, fish out Kyung-hyun Kim’s Virtual Hallyu, chapter 3. It’s one of the more approachable chapters and worth a read.

Starring Song Kang-ho as well as Moon So-ri, this is a film I’m looking forward to. And I’m also happy that we’re back to screenings every two weeks this year. Every week last year was just too much to cope with.

Presidents Barber

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