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Saharial’s Entertainment Weekly: Rain, Tablo, Psy and Propofol

Choi Jin-shil, R.I.P

In 2008 Choi Jin Shil, a popular actress, committed suicide after threats and pressure from netizens and from her personal life. Two years later in March 2010 her brother committed suicide, and now on 6th January 2013 her ex husband Jo Sung Min also took his own life in the same manner. A former basketball player, he was regarded as the bad guy in the Choi Jin Shil case and had continued to receive hateful criticism since then. The sadness though lies with his two children being raised by their maternal grandmother who have now lost a third person close to them. He was buried on 8th January and his children attended to pay their last respects.

Go Young-wook

Go Young-wook went on trial at Seoul Western District Court on the 10th Januray for misconduct against and sexual abuse of four different minors. Whilst still under investigation, netizens’ attention was turned to his conversation with Olympic gymnast Son Yeon-jae which appeared a little too flirtatious on his side considering she was 16/17 years old at the time. MBLAQ singer Lee Joon’s past remarks about Go stealing two of his girlfriends in the past have also been resurfacing. Criticized for being negative about his senior, the pendulum has now swung the other way and he is getting sympathy and understanding. Go Young-wook has been remanded in custody as officials have determined he is a risk to flee or tamper with evidence.


He’s been a bad boy… he’s been a bad bad boy… Rain has been confined to barracks for a week to ‘reflect on his actions’ as punishment for his violation of leave regulations. Private meetings while on official duty are a definite no-no, but luckily he can’t be punished for staying at a luxury hotel, another incident that has irked netizens and raised questions about celebrities getting special treatment in the army. The controversy has had a knock-on effect for other celebrities who are thinking carefully now on how to approach their two years in service.


Its a good start to the year for Tablo though with the last of the TaJinYo (We demand the truth from Tablo) appeals denied in court and three members of the forum will be sent to jail for 10 months and six others retain their suspended sentences. This sorry story has been going on since 2010 when Tablo’s Stanford qualifications were called into question prompting him to quite rightly sue them for defamation. It must be good to start the year clear of this attention and a weight of Tablo and his family’s mind.

Psy Wonderful Pistachios trailer

Psy continues his global domination with an advertisement spot during the superbowl for ‘Wonderful Pistachios’ singing ‘Gangnam Stlye’ with with different lyrics. 50,000 pistachio displays with his image will be placed in supermarkets round the nation.

Uhm Tae-woong and Yoon Hye-jin

Uhm Tae-Woong got married on 9th January to Yoon Hye Jin a ballerina. They are already expecting their first child later this year and I’m only jealous because they had Sung SiKyung sing their wedding song. SunYe, formerly of Wonder Girls also got married and in February, lead vocalist of Crying Nut will tie the knot. Meanwhile Won Bin is having to deny continued rumours that he’ll be tying the knot with a model on 27th Feb at the Shilla Hotel.

Tiger JK

Tiger JK has the main role in a movie due to be released this February. ‘Trip around the World’ is his first major role, playing a rocker with a heart of gold.


Finally another drug scandal is in the offing with three female celebrities being investigated for propofol abuse by receiving the injections under the guise of visiting hospital for plastic surgery. Six hospitals have been searched for evidence. Propofol is a hypnotic agent usually used as an anaesthetic and was a factor in Michael Jackson’s death; it makes the user euphoric and energetic, even if they are exhausted, which would explain its use by Korean celebrities who have gruelling schedules to fulfil. This is not the first Korean celebrity bust over this drug. Back in September 2012, Amy, a TV show personality and actress was arrested and charged with its abuse, a charge resulting in a jail sentence of 8 months, a suspended prison sentence for 2 years, 40 hours of community service and 24 hours of drug rehabilitation lectures. Korean netizens have already named the three, but we shall not until official confirmations.

Mini Music bites:

SNSD had their come back performance on ‘Inkigayo’ and their 4th full-length album is dominating the charts. But GLAM, a 4 girl vocal group who debuted in July last year, is giving them a run for their money.
2pm will be releasing a Japanese album on February 13th and their 3rd full length Korean album in the later half of this year
Lee Seung Gi made kpop history with his ballad ‘Return’ which has remained on the Billboard kpop’s Hot 100 for six weeks. It has outshone Psy’s “Gangnam style” (5 weeks) and IU’s “You and I” (5 weeks) for longevity, possibly due to its release in the holiday season when there is less competition.
Nell released an MV of “Words You Shouldn’t Believe” as a treat for fans who couldn’t attend their December concert:
Kim Jae-Joong, formerly of DBSK and now part of a trio JYJ with two other former members, managed to sell out 16,000 seats for a mini concert crashing the server (in time honoured tradition). His first solo album is due out later this month.
Moon Hee Jun, formerly of H.O.T., released a single and managed to faint after over exerting himself while preparing for his comeback, as did Jessica of SNSD for overworking (musical, SNSD promotions, photoshoots and upcoming Japan Tour)
CNBlue’s cover shoot for their new album was done in London. The mini album to be released this Monday was written by the band, Jung Yong Hwa dominating the music and lyrics credits.

CNBlue London album cover

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