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Free Minhwa classes at the KCC

KAA member Eun-jung Feleppa will be giving free classes in Korean folk painting at the KCC. The weekly classes will be held on Thursday early evening, 5pm – 7pm. Application forms can be downloaded from the KCC website. More details below:

Minhwa: Korean Painting Classes

The Korean Cultural Centre UK is now taking applications for our free 10 week painting course, Minhwa: Korean Painting Classes


With this free course taking place weekly between 18th April and 20th June 2013 students will develop their skills and ability to paint like the Korean Masters of old.

Minhwa refers to the Korean folk painting of mythical and magical figures and other objects in a plain, straightforward and naive style often representing health, happiness and scenes from everyday life.

Minhwa, with its humour and wit first came to prominence in the 17th Century, was often the work of anonymous craftsmen or common people. The works featured popular themes such as cranes, rocks, water, clouds, the sun, moon, pine-trees, tortoises, insects and flowers. The most common figures were animals that represented power, such as the tiger, or the carp, which represented success. The paintings were drawn on traditional Korean paper (hanji) and on silk.

Application Window:
Application forms must be completed and sent to [email protected] before 5pm on 6th April 2013. (Application forms received outside of the application window will not be accepted). Once the Application Window has closed, the names will be collated and 15 participants will be drawn at random using our computer software.

Details of the painting classes

1) Date: 18th April 2013 ~ 20th June 2013 (10 Weeks)
2) Time: 17:00~19:00
3) Venue: Seminar Room at the KCCUK
4) Minimum Age: 18 years and over
5) Documents: Application Form (available on the KCCUK website)
Email: [email protected] / Fax: +44 (0)20 7004 2619
In person or post: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

※ Application forms received outside of the application window will not be accepted.
※ Postal applications must arrive by 5pm on 6th April 2013.

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