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Choi & Lager’s third Paris exhibition: Secret Garden

I always enjoy seeing arts works in a domestic setting rather than the sterile space of a gallery. So, if you happen to be in Paris, give Sunhee Choi a ring and pop over to the 16th arondissement to see some fine contemporary Korean work.

CHOI&LAGER project is pleased to invite you to the exhibition “The Secret Garden”

Yongbaek Lee, Angel Soldiers
Lee Yong-baek: Angel Soldier (2011) Single Chanel Video

Korean art critic Jin Sook Lee writes in her book The Big Bang, “Art is society’s most sensitive organ. Artists, who instinctively discern the discreet changes in society, can truly be considered as a medium initiated to the secrets of the world”. Artists are, indeed, the first to capture certain mysteries of the universe and to translate them into their own secret codes. We are made to share the question of “why?”, a question they ask the world. We try, in each of our different ways, to answer this question, while knowing that the question doesn’t really need to be answered. It is the process itself that leads us to one or another answer that gives us the pleasure and excitement of venturing into a secret garden. The garden is an unknown territory, a land to be discovered, and a means to communicate. The creative universe of each artist is like a secret garden and their work leads us there, a place our senses suddenly come to life and our consciousness awakens.

For the third consecutive year since 2011, CHOI&LAGER is presenting a new exhibition in Paris with the opportunity to view the works of artists who witness our time and society and invite us to their secret gardens. This year’s exhibition brings together Korean artists who are already well established in the international art world together with other emerging artists; an exhibition in various media ranging from painting, photography, sculpture, video and installation. We feel honored to present, for the first time in Paris, Yongbaek Lee’s Angel Soldier and Plastic fish, both works having raised much interest at the Venice Biennale in 2011. It is with great pleasure that we present a painting from Seahyun Lee’s Between Red series, a work which sparked interest both in the West and East and continues to reveal its depth. We are also proud to present works by Meekyung Shin, a London based artist who has taken part in many public projects and has distinguished herself through a solo exhibition at the Haunch of Venison Gallery in London. The series entitled Tree by Soonhak Kwon, who has been part of the CHOI&LAGER project in Paris ever since its very beginning, a new form of book-inspired work by Jukhee Kwon, abstract scenery in soil by Sungpil Chae who is based in Paris but is active both in Europe and in Asia are all part of this year’s exhibition. The show also includes installations by Juju Yu, photographs by Beomsik Won, paintings by Eunkyung Lee, video and sculpture works by Yunsuk Choi and various new works by Sangwon Lee, an artist in-residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris.

Sunhee Choi
7 Rue Gustave Nadaud
75016 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)9 5277 1633
Mobile: +33 (0)6 2395 0732

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