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DVD Bang launches in London

I’m wondering why no-one has done this before.

Bang DVD-Bang

The UK’s first South Korean 24hr film rental shop and cinema rooms.

From the basements of Seoul’s 24hr neon streets, DVD-Bang presents a new cinema experience to rise out of the London smog of pop-ups and movie theatres in a buzz of electricity. Put together by a London collective of ex-expats, designers and temporary creators, DVD-bang is a not-for-profit cinema installation showcasing South Korea’s finest and wildest films in a space to take you all the way there. DVD-bang launches at Stratford Picturehouse as part of SCI-FI-LONDON film festival October 11 – 13. Free entry. Late special: Saturday night to Sunday morning: 1800 – 0830

Bang Graphic

South Korea’s university districts hum with entertainment spaces to pass cold nights with friends or strangers you met outside the 7/11 over a shot of soju. Karaoke rooms, games rooms, arcades and batting cages. And DVD-bangs: half rental shop, half cinema, blinking signs ‘DVD-방’ above and below the constant glow of the city streets. They never close.

Get a room: Pick a film off the shelves in the foyer, and follow the signs down a dark lit corridor to a private cinema room that’s yours until the credits roll. Drink more soju, or a shot of coffee mix. Enjoy your film.

DVD-bangs have never yet been seen in the UK.

DVD-bang, we’re going to put your name in lights.

Showing a specialist programme of SK film, with a side serving of kimchi and imported booze, South Korean culture and film is dressing the part as DVD-bang hits London for short runs in unexpected spaces.

DVD-bang begins on October 11th.

DVD-BANG-yellow-+-blue--korean LO RES

DVD-bang Launch

October 11 – 13
Stratford East Picturehouse
Salway road, Stratford Centre, London E15
Appearing as part of SCI-FI-LONDON film festival

Friday – 1800 – 2300
Saturday – all day//all night midday – 0830 (Sunday)
Sunday – 1200 – 2200
Free kimchi | Free booze | Free movies | Free entry

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