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When nothing is sure, everything is possible: Hanmi Gallery’s 29th interim exhibition

Hanmi Gallery’s first exhibition of 2014:

When nothing is sure, everything is possible

9th – 19th January 2014, 12-6pm
Private view: 9th January 2014, 6pm-9pm

Jingjing Shen | Shadow Tian | Youngju Oh | Yinan Zhang
Hanmi Gallery, 30 Maple Street, London, W1T 6HA.

Curated By Jingjing Shen & Shadow (Xiaoxue) Tian

Hanmi 29 Interim Exhibition

Hanmi Gallery is pleased to announce its 29th interim exhibition “When Nothing Is Sure, Everything Is Possible” by four international artists. Jingjing Shen, Shadow (Xiaoxue) Tian, Youngju Oh and Yinan Zhang, they are a group of students currently studying at the Royal College of Art. They are interested in exploring new forms of communication, working in various media.

The exhibition title “When nothing is sure, everything is possible” is taken from The Middle Ground, by English author Margaret Drabble. To the young artist, ‘When nothing is sure’ portrays the uncertain and fearful moments they are constantly faced with in the process of creation. A conflict between whether to stay in the uncertain moment, or decide to stop, lasts until complete and tangible visual shapes emerge into reality from artistic inspiration and ideas. However, the four artists exhibiting say this is the moment in which ‘Everything is possible’. They relish every moment, absorbing themselves to find a new visual language, the meaning behind it, and concept as art, believing in the potential of this uncertainty. This exhibition will show not only their various processes of experimentation, but also give motivation to rethink new meanings in the process of creating art.

L: Youngju Oh, The Melting Point 2012. R: Jingjing Shen, Entangled 2013
L: Youngju Oh, The Melting Point 2012. R: Jingjing Shen, Entangled 2013

Jingjing Shen is interested in producing new visual experience and new form of communication and interaction. Considering the latest achievements of contemporary science and technology, she concentrates on the expansion of the human wealth of aesthetic experience. She is currently studying at Royal College of Art, and she obtained her BA at Glasgow School of Art.

Shadow (Xiaoxue) Tian is a quiet creator. She is engaged with ideas around ‘memory and space’, it seems to resonate as a thread throughout her work produced. Her work is not only subtle in its presentation, but also embodies a deeper understanding of the subject(s), in which she has chosen to engage. What she does bring, is a willingness to be experimental, to try new things and approaches that sit slightly outside her comfort zone.

L: Yinan Zhang, The Body of a Philosopher of Life 2013. R: Shadow Tian, 9256KM 2013
L: Yinan Zhang, The Body of a Philosopher of Life 2013. R: Shadow Tian, 9256KM 2013

Youngju Oh explores the process of visual changes generated by the fluid movement and interactive relationship of materials over time. Her work Waves Painting and The Melting Point show this process of visual research through her unusual experiments. She completed a BFA in Communication Design at Hongik University, and she is currently studying in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art.

Yinan Zhang is an artist from China. After completed her BA in printmaking at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, she moved to London in 2011. Now she is a second year student at Royal College of Art. She started to use camera one year ago, in order to achieve her ideas, she is practicing photography, performance, moving image and mixed media. In her works, she is always concerned about the existence of herself, the others and the outside world.

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