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Hugh Keice and Peterpan Complex in Artist Talk Party at the KCCUK

If you can’t make it to Liverpool Sound City, you can catch five of the six Korean bands who are performing there, in London. The only one you won’t be able to catch in London is Hellivision.

Dead Buttons, asian chairshot and Patients will be at AAA on 9 May. And on Tuesday 6 May, Hugh Keice and Peterpan Complex – who played AAA earlier this year – will be at the KCC:

Artist TALK Party: Think in Music

7pm, Tuesday May 6, 2014 at the Korean Cultural Centre UK
Grand Buildings | 1-3 Strand | London WC2N 5BW |
Admission Free: kindly RSVP by email [email protected] or by calling +44 20 7004 2600

Think in Music banner

This TALK Party is a showcase of Korean independent musicians, which gives you an opportunity to find new talents. This event will consist of the live musical performance and talk.

In this event followed by the Liverpool Sound City 2014, you can enjoy live musical performances of the Korean independent bands, Hugh Keice and Peterpan Complex, which will participate in the Liverpool Sound City this year.

Think In Music - bands

After live performance you can participate in the discussion about the current trends of independent music in the worlds as well as share their experiences to launch their career in the global music market. David Pichilingi, the CEO of the Liverpool Sound City, will appear in conversation with Dr. Hae-kyung Um from School of Music, University of Liverpool and Kyu-young Lee, the CEO of Ruby Records, and the event will be chaired by Johnny Hopkins, the PR Director of the Triad Publicity.

Live Performers:

Hugh Keice: The Korean singer-songwriter released his debut album, Whale Song Omnibus, in 2013 and received accolades from the critics for his unique blend of Folk pop, funk, soul and blues.
Peterpan-Complex: The leading independent band from Korea has tried with their newly developed synth-pop outfit since their 5th studio album, O(ou), in 2012.

Talk Speakers:

David Pichilingi: CEO of the Liverpool Sound City
Johnny Hopkins: PR Director at Triad Publicity
Lecturer in Popular Music and Media Industries Southampton Solent University
Tones Sansom: Head of Press at One Little Indian Records
Hae-kyung Um: Director of Postgraduate Studies, School of Music University of Liverpool
Kyu-young Lee: CEO of Ruby Records
Han-woo Kim: Vocalist of Hugh Keice

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