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Bada Song: Noon Shadows, at the new Tea Museum Art Space and Cafe, opening on 10 Nov

Tea Museum banner

10 November 2014 sees the launch of an interesting Anglo-Korean venture: The Tea Museum Art Space and Cafe. The brainchild of David and Jade Kilburn, the venture is based close to the Changdeokgung, at 61 Changdeokgung-gil:

Tea Museum location

The cake counter looks as if it deserves some serious attention:

Tea museum cakes

and you can buy specially blended tea while you are there:

Tea at the tea museum

The opening exhibition is by London-based Korean artist Bada Song. The space opens its doors at 11am.

Bada Song: Noon Shadows, at the Tea Museum ArtSpace

Tea Museum 아트스페이스 카페
서울 종로구 창덕궁길 61 (원서동 123)

Bada Song at the Tea Museum Art Space

Bada Song is a Korean artist based in London, UK. She makes minimal works that subtly unfold references to Korean traditions as they undergo rapid modernization. A long running series of drawings by the artist refers to traditional tiled roofs now giving way to generic towering apartment blocks in mega-cities like Seoul. For Song the roof tile is also symbolic of human vulnerability and the need for shelter.

In the Tea Museum’s artspace the artist has responded to the immediate environment, not only by reflecting the views from the windows of the space but also by utilizing materials used in the recent construction of the space itself. The works trace noon shadows of the neighbouring roofs which take on a naive, friendly form in their simplified translation. This is the inaugural exhibition for the Tea Museum artspace and Bada Song’s echoes of the surroundings seem designed to bring the outside into the space or the inside out, thus integrating this new venue and the Tea Museum as a whole with its surrounding, historic context.

Bada Song is an interdisciplinary artist who works with a combination of drawing, live performance, video, sound, photography and installation as well as painting. She completed BA in Fine Art, sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, in 2002. She was the winner of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012, and has exhibited internationally.


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