RIP David Kilburn

Many LKL readers will have been friends with, or had the great pleasure of meeting David Kilburn, who sadly passed away in Seoul on Monday, 7 October. David was a steadfast supporter of justice campaigns such as the Sewol ferry disaster and the ‘comfort women’ issue. He had his own personal experience of injustice in […]

Bada Song: Noon Shadows, at the new Tea Museum Art Space and Cafe, opening on 10 Nov

10 November 2014 sees the launch of an interesting Anglo-Korean venture: The Tea Museum Art Space and Cafe. The brainchild of David and Jade Kilburn, the venture is based close to the Changdeokgung, at 61 Changdeokgung-gil: The cake counter looks as if it deserves some serious attention: and you can buy specially blended tea while […]

David Kilburn’s hanok featured in magazine

Congratulations to David Kilburn of for his hanok feature article in November’s Korea magazine (5Mb pdf download: Next, a talk at the KCCUK? And the illustrators did a good likeness of you too! And from earlier this year: The fading remnants of South Korea's traditional buildings – More press coverage […]

Seoul’s hanoks

There was a feature in FT a couple of weeks ago on the Bukchon district of Seoul. It’s a place as far as you can get from Apgujeong in terms of style of living. It’s the sort of place where Kim Ki-duk might be caught filming traditional housing as seen in 3-Iron, and is inhabited […]