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Suh Do-ho in Gazelli Art House group show

An interesting group show at Gazelli Art House which takes us through into the new year contains work by renowned sculptor Suh Do-ho.


Exhibition Dates: 28 November 2014 – 17 January 2015
Private View: 27 November 2014
Location: Gazelli Art House | 39 Dover Street | London W1S 4NN |

Suh Do-ho: Specimen series (2014)
Suh Do-ho: Specimen series (2014) (Courtesy of the artist and Gazelli Art House)

Gazelli Art House presents a group show featuring works by Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank, Charlotte Colbert, Do Ho Suh and Elena Rendina.

DOM will include long exposure photography by Aaron Koblin & Ben Tricklebank, Charlotte Colbert’s latest photographic series In & Out of Space – which coincides with the artist’s public installation, Do Ho Suh’s infamous translucent polyester sculptures, and a site specific installation by photographer and set designer Elena Rendina.

Suh Do-ho's work installed at Gazelli Art House (courtesy of the artist and gallery)
Suh Do-ho’s work installed at Gazelli Art House (courtesy of the artist and gallery)

The focus of the exhibition is on the spiritual entity of home and the physical markings of its territorial presence. The title of the show, DOM, draws on an indication, a judgment, of an individual’s state and rank within a society as a suffix, referencing its Latin origin dominus. The display examines the relationship between the role one takes as the master of his own kingdom – his comfort, his domain, his home.

Through the exhibited works of four artists the space of the gallery is transformed to a representation, a glimpse into the personal space of the other, where the imagined inhabitants start forming their own habits around the presented works.

Installation view including (L) work by Suh Do-ho.
Installation view including (L) work by Suh Do-ho. (courtesy of the artist and gallery)

Visualization artist Aaron Koblin and director Ben Tricklebank’s long exposure photography series, Light Echoes, explores the notion of travel. Through the use of projected imagery through RGB lasers, light trails are poetically captured over rail roads and landscapes in and around Los Angeles.* Questioning the notion of attachment, or the lack of, to a place and objects with the heightened need for travel and digital influences on one’s understanding of home. Time also serves as backdrop to the new photographic series of Charlotte Colbert, In and Out of Space, capturing astronauts in a recreated setting from humanity’s past. Captured in the infamous In & Out Club on Piccadilly in London, historical resonance is added to Colbert’s playful nod to: evolution, Nietzsche and Kubrick. Do Ho Suh’s ethereal Specimen Series references household appliances to allude to snapshots of that which has once existed, further including elements of time and space into the conversations around home and homeland. Elena Rendina recreates a mono-patterned room with memorabilia left unattended, inviting the curious to interact and claim ownership of a corner of a public space.

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