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Im Kwon Taek’s Festival is the next screening at the KCC

The KCC has announced the next of its free screenings:

Festival (축제)

Chukje-posterDirector: Im Kwon Taek (1996)
Screening Date: 29 January 2015, 7pm at the KCCUK
Running Time: 108
Book via KCCUK website

This film is based on the novel of the same title by Lee Cheong-jun. It has an intriguing structure, moving between the unfolding reality of the funeral and a children’s story written by the main character Lee Joon-seop. It stars actor Han Eun-jin (MOTHER AND A GUEST), Ahn Sung-ki (REVIVRE) and Oh Jeong-hae (SEOPYEONJE). FESTIVAL was sadly Hang Eun-jin’s very last film.

“Through the motif of the funeral, the most extensively scaled ceremony in life, I have tried to explore the meaning of death and its effects shadowing the bereaved. I have also tried to bring to light the sentiments of the survivors: their sorrow, egoism, solemnity and even frivolity. I want to give the viewers who see this film a moment to think about what is truly valuable and precious in our quickly changing world. At this moment, I consider this goal my duty as a director.” – Director Im Kwon Taek (quoted from 27th International Forum of New Cinema 1997)

Still from Chukje

The screening will take place at the Korean Cultural Centre on Thursday the 29th January at 7pm. Admission is free, but booking is essential.

Lee Joonsup is a famous writer in his 40s. One day he is informed that his mother who has been ill for a number of years has just passed away. Before he goes to his mother’s house in the countryside to assist with the funeral, he is busy cancelling all his appointments and telling everyone about his mother’s death. A journalist, Jang Haerim, comes to the funeral to write an article about Joonsup’s literary world seen through this family incident. The funeral starts and enmity among the family of the deceased deepens as Joonsup’s niece, Yongsoon, arrives. When the funeral ends, however, all the relatives cherish the wisdom and love of life of Joonsup’s deceased mother.

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