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June’s K-drama pilot screenings


Here are the two pilots that will be screening on 4 June at 7pm in the KCC, in a collaboration with the London Korean Drama Club. As usual, registration is required via [email protected]

Mama (마마 – 세상 무서울 게 없는)

First Broadcast: MBC (2014), 24 episodes
Produced By: Pan Entertainment
Cast: Song Yoon-ah, Jung Joon-ho, Moon Jeong-hee, Hong Jong-hyeon


Synopsis: Han Seung-hee (Song Yoon-ah) is a successful folk painter whilst also being a single mother, she raises her son Geu Ru alone. When diagnosed with a terminal illness, she worries about his future and sets to find him a loving foster family. As she gets back in touch with her ex-boyfriend Moon Tae-joo (Jung Joon-ho), she befriends his wife Seo Ji-eun (Moon Jeong-hee). Young photographer Koo Ji-sub (Hong Jong-Hyeon), who lives above her painting studio is also growing fond of her.

Big Man (빅맨)

First Broadcast: KBS2 (2014), 16 episodes
Produced By: Kim Jong-hak Productions, KBS Media
Cast: Kang Ji-hwan, Daniel Choi, Lee Da-hee Lee, Jung So-min

Big Man

Synopsis: Kim Ji-hyeok (Kang Ji-hwan) has lived his life without his parents. One day, he meets Hong Dal-suk, the owner of a small restaurant located in a traditional market. He soon adopts her as his own mother and decides to turn his life around, working hard to open his own shop. Not long after, Ji-hyeok discovers that he is actually the hidden heir to Korea’s largest chaebol: Hyunsung. Learning he has been brushed off for suspicious reasons, he sets to take his revenge on the official heirs Kang Dong-seok (Daniel Choi) and Kang Jin-ah (Jung So-min), until the day he meets So Mi-ra (Lee Da-hee), with whom he falls in love.

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