Julpungnyu – a traditional music concert at the KCC

Notice of an upcoming traditional performance. As usual, booking is essential via info@kccuk.org.uk

Traditional Korean Music Concert: Julpungnyu

JulpungnyuFri 12 June, 7.30 pm
Korean Cultural Centre UK, Multi-purpose Hall

The five outstanding performers that make up the Daegu Hyangje Julpungyu Preservation Group will come to the KCCUK to perform ‘Julpungnyu’. Julpungnyu is based on 5 traditional Korean Music instrument, namely Goeomungo, Gayageum, Yanggeum and Danso. From these instruments, the Julpungnyu is mainly based around the Geomungo. This concert will provide visitors with the wonderful opportunity to discover the delights of traditional Korean music. Professor Keith Howard from SOAS will kindly give an introduction to Julpungnyu and Korean Traditional Music Prior to the performance.

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