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Event news: K-music 2015 — Noreum Machi, 20 Sept

A fun evening of percussion with plenty of visual excitement too:

K-Music: Noreum Machi

Sunday 20 September | 8:00PM
LONDON Kings Place (Hall Two) | 90 York Way | London N1 9AG
£10 + Booking fee

Noreum Machi

There’s a theatrical strand to a lot of Korean music and, for more than 20 years, Noreum Machi have been creating a thrilling spectacle from virtuosic percussion, shamanic vocals and acrobatic dance. Powered by gongs, Samul Nori drums and wind instruments, they work within the framework of Korean traditional performance, with a commitment to communicate their music to audiences worldwide.


  • Ju-hong Kim
  • Ho-won Lee
  • Hyeon-ju Oh
  • Yong-jun Kim
  • Tae-ho Kim


  • Noreummachi
  • Noreummachi 2

Key Instruments

  • Janggu, Jing, Piri, Taepyeongso, Kkwaenggwar i(Gong), Buk (Korean Drum)


  • 2013: Europe Tour (St. Polten & Frieburg), Austria, Germany | 20th Anniversary concert, National Theatre of Korea
  • 2014: Tamburi Mundi Festival, Freiburg, Germany | SMFv (Summer Musik Festival), Germany | Tanz Messe 2014, Dusseldorf | WOMEX Noreum Machi Official Showcase, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Noreum Machi (founded in 1993) present music that communicates with today’s audiences, speaking in the unique language of traditional Korean music. The Company endeavour to make Korean music accessible to everyone living today.

With their slogan “New Wave Korean Music Group,” the Company actively perform at the world’s prestigious festival and theatres, spreading the DNA of Korea’s traditional sound across the globe. Wherever there is a Korean sound offering a touching and dynamic moment, you will find Noreum Machi.


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