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Event news: K-music 2015 — Pansori Night, 23 Sept

This could be the highlight of the 2015 K-music series, and it’s free – to help celebrate Chuseok:

K-Music: The Pansori Night

Wednesday 23 September | 7:30PM
LONDON Cadogan Hall | 5 Sloane Terrace | London SW1X 9DQ
FREE but ticketed

Pansori Aeri Park

The Pansori Night will bring together six talented performers for an evening of music, dance and song with a contemporary twist. Pansori is a form of vocal story-telling that reaches back centuries — the stories sung are often comic, with a Chaucerian comedy to them, but they are also more than just bawdiness, and can be romantic, sad and emotional to boot. Rising Pansori talent Nam Sang-il will be joined by Park Ae-ri, one of Korea’s leading female pansori performers. Park Ae-ri will also perform with ‘Poppin’ Hyunjoon, who takes breakdance moves and blends them with traditional rhythms. Our three stars will also be joined by Bae Reon, playing the ajaeng – a seven-stringed instrument, percussionist Kye-youl Jun accompanying the pansori with the janggu (Korean drum) and traditional dancer Ji-sun Choi.

Nam Sang-il


  • Professor of Seonam University
  • Representative of Korean Traditional Orchestra Suri
  • Broadcasting Host of “TV, Meet the cultural Heritage”, “Sound & News of Sang-il, Nam”


  • 2012 Korea Broadcasting Award – cultural artist | KBS Gugak Award – Pansori
  • 2013 Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism – Young Artist of Today
  • 2015 Seoul Culture Today – Young Artist


  • 2011 Nam Sang-il 100 minute Show in Korean National Theatre
  • 2013 Nam Sang-il 100 minute Show in Korean National Gugak Centre | Performed with the National Orchestra of Korea & the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra | Appearance Changgeuk (Cheong, Chunhyang, Sugungga, Heungbo & Nolbo, Jegbeog) of Korean National Changgeuk Company

Nam Sang-il is a young Pansori singer often seen in the media and performing across Korea. He is outstanding in terms of his wit and action, often receiving great responses from the audiences for his creative Pansori performances.

He has performed with both the Korean National Orchestra and the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra many times, and appeared in various Changgeuk (traditional Korean Opera) as the leading actor.

He is a rare Pansori artist who is not only strengthening his position in the Pansori world by taking on the main character in all 5 of the major Pansori stories but also is a very popular star “Soriggun” which means a singer of traditional Korean music. His popularity is growing in both the Korean Classical Music sphere and entertainment industry as well.

Poppin Hyun Joon & Park Ae-ri


  • 2013 Jo Gwan-woo, Poppin Hyun Joon & Park Ae-ri Concert
  • 2014 KT&G Opening Concert
  • 2015 New Year’s Concert

Pansori singer Park Ae-ri is well-known throughout Asia due to the success of the Korean TV drama Dae Jang Geum for which she sang “onara” and was subsequently honoured by the President of Korea. She is a member of the National Changgeuk Company of Korea and was the recipient of the KBS Grand Award for Pansori and Traditional Korean Music in 2013.

Hyun Joon is considered to be one of the most well-known poppin dancers from the global breakdance leagues and performed at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. In 2014, Hyun Joon won the National Creative-Economy Award for his work with his Poppin Hyun Joon Art Company and often appears on Korean TV with his wife Park Ae-ri to promote the fusion blend of Arirang and Poppin. Hyun Joon and Ae-ri for some time have presented successful collaborations between poppin and Korea’s traditional music gugak. Their performance on the popular Korean TV program, Immortal Songs surprised audiences, and proved that Gugak still has a place in a music market dominated by idol groups.


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