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Event news: Granny’s Got Talent and C’est Si Bon are May’s screenings at the KCC


The KCCUK’s series examining humour in Korean film continues in May with two further screenings:

Granny’s Got Talent (헬머니)

Director: Shin Han-sol (2014)
Cast: Kim Soo-mi, Jung Man-sik, Kim Jeong-tae, Park Jun-geum, Lee Tae-ran
108 mins / Cert. 18 / Eng Subs
12 May, 7pm @KCCUK. Reserve your seat.

Granny's got talent

The TV programme Cursing Battle is the nation’s most popular programme and people from across the nation audition for it in the hope of becoming the ‘Cursing King’. However, the contestants’ redundant and uninspiring use of cuss words cause the programme’s viewer-ratings to drop dramatically. The producer decides to revive the show by introducing an ordinary-looking grandma (veteran actress Kim Soo-mi) with an extraordinary talent for creative swearing. Everyone believes that she will have no problem taking first place. But, questions soon start to arise about the granny’s mysterious past…

C’est Si Bon (쎄시봉)

Director: Kim Hyun-seok (2014)
Cast: Jeong Woo, Kim Yoon-seok, Han Hyo-ju, Kim Hee-ae, Jang Hyun-sung
122 mins / Cert 15 / Eng Subs
26 May 7pm @KCCUK. Reserve your seat.
3 May 6.30pm @Royal College of Art (Battersea)

C'est si bon

Inspired by real events and set in the late 1960s, C’est Si Bon is the music bar where every acoustic band’s dream lies, and where Korea’s leading folk songs are born. It is where Geun-tae, the naive country boy met the young musical prodigies Hyung-joo and Chang-sik, and formed the band named after it, the C’est Si Bon Trio. As the three young artists bicker over their music, beautiful socialite Ja-young enters the picture and becomes their muse, and a series of moving love songs come from it. Geun-tae’s pure-heartedness wins Ja-young over but when she accepts a once-in-lifetime opportunity for a shot at an acting career, they part ways. After 20 years, the untold story of their love, song, and youth at C’est Si Bon is finally brought to light.

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