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Event news: K-music 2016 — National Gugak Centre, 12 Oct

No festival of Korean music would be complete without some sanjo, and it’s good to welcome back the experts.

National Gugak Centre

Wed 12th Oct 7.30pm
Kings Place, Kings Cross
Tickets £8.50 | Book here

Piri Sanjo – Haegeum Sanjo – Daegeum Sanjo
Stravinsky: Soldier’s Tale – Devienne: Sonata No. 2 – Bartók: Contrasts

Members from the Korean National Gugak Centre: Hojin Lee Piri | Seongu Kim Haegeum | Wancheol Won Daegeum | Yeongsu Kang Janggu

Han Kim clarinet | Sulki Yu violin | Chiao-Ying Chang piano

National Gugak Centre

Korean Sounds: East Meet West returns this October as part of London’s festival of Korean music, K-Music 2016. This concert series presents a rare opportunity to hear traditional Korean and classical music in one place. The main focus of this concert lies in the contrast between Korean and Western wind Instruments, bringing together a clarinet and a Piri, Korea’s double-reed oboe, made of bamboo.

The National Gugak Centre is responsible for touring the great folk artists of Korea and their last concert at Sadler’s Wells was the climax of K-Music 2015. They return to London with a more intimate acoustic performance which focuses on the wind music of Korea. The two main instruments will be the piri (double-reed oboe) and daegeum (bamboo transverse flute). They will play sanjo — a folk-based form of music that allows space to improvise.

The second part of the concert will present 3 pieces for the clarinet. The first piece, Soldier’s Tale by Igor Stravinsky, will show the clarinet’s ability as a storyteller, as well as Stravinsky’s neo-classicism. The second sonata by François Devienne will explore the instrument’s ability in almost pure classicism. The last piece from this first part, Contrasts for clarinet, violin and piano by Béla Bartók, finally magnifies the instrument’s versatility for both solo and chamber music.

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