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Exhibition news: Korean artists at Start Art Fair

START Art Fair runs for four days from 15 September at the Saatchi Gallery. Korean artists will be strongly represented, firstly by London-based Skipwiths, by five Korean galleries and finally one Parisian gallery.

START provides international galleries with a global platform on which to show their artists in London, one of the most important cities in the art world.

The fair looks to attract an audience of the general public and individuals with an interest in the art world, such as curators, artists, collectors, gallerists, museum directors and critics. START welcomes both first-time and seasoned collectors of art.


Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ | King’s Road | London SW3 4RY |
15 – 18 September 2016 | 10am-6pm (Sunday 11am-5pm) last entry 30mins before closing

START banner

START is a platform that shines a spotlight on emerging artists and new art scenes. Organized by Parallel Contemporary Art and Saatchi Gallery, START takes place across all three floors of Saatchi Gallery and aims to enable collectors, curators, and the greater public to discover new artistic talent. The third edition of START will take place from 15 to 18 September 2016.

START creates the best possible showcase for young galleries and new artists by providing an elegant environment with museum-quality spaces. In 2015, START featured 38 galleries from across 23 countries. Alongside the Fair, START also featured four high quality curatorial projects. Japanese collective, teamLab, presented their UK premiere to overwhelming critical acclaim by media and visitors alike. Chim↑Pom, winners of the 2015 Prudential Eye Awards, also their first solo exhibition in London to great critical success. A selection of works from ‘Singapore Eye’ focused on the most innovative contemporary art being made in Singapore. The fourth curatorial project, ‘This Is Tomorrow’, featured galleries from around the world presenting solo exhibitions of artists who represent the next generation of international artists or work with issues arising from today’s globalised landscape.


17 Clifford St | London W1S 3RQ | UK | +44 (0)20 329 9883 |
Exhibiting Artists: Hyojin Park | Kim Jae Il | Kwang Young Chun | Lee Kangso

Hyojin Park: Desire (2015)
Hyojin Park: Desire (2015) (Skipwiths)

Founded by Grey Skipwith and Heejin No in January 2015, Skipwiths brings together expertise in Korean and Asian artists such as Kwang Young Chun, Kang-So Lee, Xing Danwen and Hyojin Park, and introduces their work to European audiences. Heejin established her own international art project company in 2006 after completing her Masters at Sotheby’s Institute, and Grey ran his own IT company for many years before returning to his roots in the art world, which he started working in at the tender age of 13. Since they started working together three years ago, they have been curating shows for galleries and public institutions as well as managing artists at different needs and stages in their careers. Recent projects include co-producing of Korean Art: The Power of Now, published by Thames and Hudson in 2013. Their forthcoming project is a solo presentation of Kwang Young Chun at Dovecot Foundation as part of the Edinburgh International Art Festival, from late July 2015.

ARTWA (Seoul)

Daewon Building 305 | 49 Duteopbawi-ro 60-gil | Yongsan-gu | Seoul | South Korea | +82 1063 853 643
Exhibiting Artist: Kim MyongKyu

Kim Myong-kyu: Boundary (2016)
Kim Myong-kyu: Boundary (2016) (Artwa)

ARTWA is an artist promotion initiative that aims to professionally advance the participants as global artists in the international art scene. Experts from each field support domestic artists through a structured programme. The group of artists, curators, critics and collectors working with ARTWA are agents who continuously develop the scene and create values that will be passed on to future generations. Our mission is to illuminate the beauty of Korean Art throughout the globe to the public.


1F Galleria Forêt | 32-14 Seoulsup 2-gil | Seongdong-gu | Seoul | Korea 04769 | +82 (0)2 464 7710 |
Exhibiting Artists: Ji Yong Ho | Kang Jun Young | Kim Nam Pyo | Kim Sea Joong | Yoon Du Jin | Kang Yeh Sine

Ji Yong Ho: Lion 7, (2015)
Ji Yong Ho: Lion 7, (2015)
Stainless Steel, Used Tire, Installation (Atelier Aki)

ATELIER AKI, established in 2010, has always challenged new realms as a young and promising gallery in Korea. It builds cultural exchanges and the stream of a new contemporary art, and has encouraged diversity and variety in Korean art world. ATELIER AKI has shown great exhibitions to present exceptional Korean artworks and new artworks by emerging artists for a short time. For example ATELIER AKI has organized solo exhibitions of the most notable Korean artists known throughout the world like Kyoung Tack Hong (2012-2016), Myungho Lee (2012), Seahyun Lee (2015) and Kwon Kisoo (2013-2015).

Banana Long Gallery (Busan)

42 Dalmaji-gil | Heaundae-gu | Busan | Korea | +82 51 741 5106 |
Exhibiting Artists: Chuck HOHNG | Hongseok LEE

Chuck HOHNG: Another Night, the Sun Has Risen, (2016)
Chuck HOHNG: Another Night, the Sun Has Risen, (2016) (Banana Long Gallery)

BANANA Long Gallery started with installation art at Haeundae Dalmaji entrance in 2008. They have since continued to build positive communications with contemporary audiences by discovering the arts of the day and introducing temporary exhibitions. The popularisation and expansion of Banana Long Gallery has been made through the opening of a brand new branch gallery “Salon de BANANA” for the art life in 2013. In 2015, “Salon de BANANA” changed the name to “BANANA CONTEMPORARY”. Banana Contemporary now works to establish a leading position in the art world by familiarising the audience with the contemporary art scene.

Gallery SoSo (Heyri)

92 Heyrimaeul-gil | Tanhyeon-myeon | Paju-si | Gyeonggi-do | Korea | +82 3 1949 8154 |
Exhibiting Artist: Kim Eull

Kim Eull: Maegok reservoir (1999)
Kim Eull: Maegok
reservoir (1999) (Gallery SoSo)

Gallery SoSo has organised about eight exhibitions annually starting from the opening exhibition in May 2007 to the latest one in 2016. Gallery SoSo exhibit works of artists that show sharp interpretation and insights on space or make their own story to tell personally or through artworks. In particular, exhibitions are held with a focus on conceptual art. Such an intention is in compliance with the style of the gallery made of exposed concrete and cedar trees beyond a white cube so that artists could prepare for their exhibition by actively intervening in the gallery space.

Mookji Art Collaboration

Songjiang District | Sanxin North Road | 900 Lane No.940 | Shanghai | China | +82 10 2436 6797 |
Exhibiting Artists: Jaeyong Kim | Myunghee Park | Youngmin Lee | Kyounghee Gu

Kim Jaeyong: Donuts (2016).
Kim Jaeyong: Donuts (2016). (Mookji Art Collaboration)

Founded in 2015, Mookji Art is engaged in a contemporary focus that specializes in variety of paintings and sculptures. The gallery’s new artist discovery draws upon a diverse range of disciplines and intellectual perspectives while maintaining a clear progressive thread. Supporting mid-career and enthusiastic young artists, as well as launching emerging artists, Mookji Art works with global artists who participate in leading international exhibitions. Spurring the growth of collection for contemporary as well as classic works, Mookji Art has placed pieces at many art collector’s private collections around the World such as U.S, Korea, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Greece, Belgium, Paris, Basel, China.

Galerie Mark Hachem (Paris)

28 Place Des Vosges | 75003 Paris | France | +33 1 42 76 94 93 |
Exhibiting Artists: Son Seock and others

Son Seock: L'Attente (Jour Et Nuit), (2016)
Son Seock: L’Attente (Jour Et Nuit), (2016)
Mixed media on canvas, 150 x 150 cm Galerie Mark Hachem

Today the spotlight is on the downtown of Beirut, where the latest addition to Mark Hachem’s triangle of galleries opened in June 2010. Since the successful opening of the Beirut gallery, Mark Hachem’s engagement with the artistic currents of the Middle Eastern and Asian market has increased and flourished. Over the past two decades, the gallery has exposed prestigious artists, initially distinguishing itself from other Parisian galleries for its interest in Kinetic art. Mark Hachem exhibits prestigious artists of the Op Art movement, such as Vaserely, Jesus- Rafael Soto, and Cruz Diez. It is now the combination of Kinetic and Op Art with art using new technologies, and ultimately Eastern art, which represents the unique trait of the Galerie Mark Hachem. The gallery takes part in prestigious contemporary art fairs around the world, such as: Beijing, Chicago, London, Paris, Maastricht, New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Singapore, New Delhi and Istanbul. With more than 200 exhibitions to his credit, Mark Hachem Gallery has acquired a robust international reputation for its dynamism and professionalism. An ardent defender of contemporary art, Mark Hachem is also an adviser to public institutions and private collectors.


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