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Soon Yul Kang — Between Heart & Mind, at Han Collection

It’ll be nice to see another solo show by Soon Yul Kang.

Soon Yul Kang — Between heart & Mind

Opening event: 19th September – 6pm – 8pm (register on Eventbrite)
Exhibition from 20th – 30th September
Han Collection | 33 Museum Street | Bloomsbury | London WC1A 1LH |

Between Heart and Mind

Han Collection is pleased to present this new solo exhibition of Korean artist, Soon Yul Kang, Between HEART & MIND.

This exhibition is an exploration of the space between one’s heart and mind and through a quiet contemplation and meditation over one’s thoughts and the yin-yang forces in the world.
This is illustrated by Soon Yul Kang’s expert usage of traditional style Korean mulberry paper, known as Hanji, which has ritualistic aspects in making and practical side in living. With using powerful and emotive words such as Love, Heart/Mind and Mother, these words are handwritten and then collaged to form the artworks; using contrasting colours, such as blue and red and black and white, she imbues the artworks with a sense of peace, yet thoughtfulness.

“Circle and square refer to the harmony of Yin-Yang but I also use a circle in my works to convey a sense of immortality and of an on-going journey in life.” – Soon Yul Kang

Soon Yul Kang draws upon eastern philosophy, such as the yin-yang, and the contemplation of duality and opposing, yet complimentary forces, colours, places, meanings and thoughts. She also explores the use of the Korean symbols for heaven (ㅇ), earth (ㅡ) and man (ㅣ).


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