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Soon-Hak Kwon: Everynothing, at Union Gallery

It’s been a while since I last heard of a Korean exhibition at Union Gallery. Was it really as long ago as 2014? And that was also Soon-Hak Kwon. It’ll be nice to see his new work.

Soon-Hak Kwon: Everynothing

Union Gallery | 94 Teesdale Street | London E2 6PU |
18 October – 4 November 2017
PV: 27 Ocotover 2017, 6 – 9pm
Wed-Sat: 12 – 6PM | Sunday by appointment only


Union Gallery is pleased to announce everynothing, the inaugural exhibition in our new Showroom gallery, with a new body of work by Korean photographic artist, Soon-Hak Kwon.

Soon-Hak Kwon’s work often engages with the detail of the given environment as a minimalistic subject of photographic images. Kwon extends this aspect into Union Gallery’s new Showroom space. The transitional state of the space now is in construction for the use in the future from the past purpose of an artist studio. Kwon presents three bodies of work in relationship to the current, past and future statuses of the room.

Firstly, everynothing, same as the exhibition title, is a three-piece photographic work consisting of images taken from the room itself installed in a way to question photographic reproduction and reality. Secondly, History of Basement Studio is an image of the previous wall, which is now invisible, printed in life scale; mounted directly on the newly plastered wall. Finally, White on White on White shows an image from Kwon’s previous installation at Union Gallery, depicting a white wall installed on a white wall; installed on a surrounding white painted surface.

Whilst the status of the space and the images of it should be regarded as nothing, Kwon attempts to show everything through the nothingness, blurring the definitions of everything and nothing. The space in transition here somewhat simulates what we capture through a camera. Whilst a photograph presents a new image from the past, the moment captured is forever lost, only to see the past in the future. In this sense, this exhibition is a commemoration of the lost world of nowhere and nothing.

Soon-Hak Kwon, b.1979, in South Korea, currently lives and works in London. Kwon graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 with a Master in Photography and is currently a PhD candidate in Fine Art Research at the Royal College of Art. Kwon’s work has been featured in exhibitions in South Korea, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, China and Turkey since 2003.

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