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Bahngbek performs at Rich Mix as part of LEAFF

The only time I’ve heard Baik Hyun-jhin perform live he had his head in a fireplace and was making moaning sounds up a chimney. He can make a performance of anything. His bandmate Bang Jun-seok has composed the soundtracks for movies from …ing to Battleship Island. Their 2015 debut album together, Your Hands, is well worth a listen. So it will be worth making the trip to Shoreditch to see them live as part of LEAFF. It’s immediately after the screening of the extra-long cut of Battleship Island, and you can buy a cheap ticket to go to both. So, given that the film is two and a half hours long, and is scheduled to start at 6pm, allowing for trailers I’m guessing the gig won’t start much before 8:45pm. Which is good, because it gives me a chance to get there from the screening of The Mimic in Haymarket without missing too much.

According to Rich Mix, “expect a varied setlist to reflect composer Bang Jun-seok’s heterogenous filmography. Expect upbeat funk, spirited rock, melodic soft rock and jazz fusion; with compositions played from film soundtracks (Crying Fist, Kung Ju and The Taste of Money) and Bahngbek’s debut album.”

LEAFF 17: Bahngbek

Thursday 26 October 2017, 8:30pm
Rich Mix | 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road | London E1 6LA
Tickets: £10 available from Rich Mix website


In a special ‘Sound of Cinema’ concert at the London East Asia Film Festival 2017, award-winning South Korean film music composer Bang Jun-seok will bring his dynamic soundtracks to East London’s Rich Mix on Thursday 26th October.

Scoring over thirty films for directors including Park Chan-wook and Ryoo Seung-wan, Bang Jun-seok is at the forefront of Korean film music composition. In 2015, his ethereal, folk-influed score for Lee Joon-ik’s period drama The Throne won the coveted Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Music. Recent scores for box office hits Veteran and Battleship Island have substantiated Bang’s position as a leading figure in East Asian cinema, and this rare opportunity to see his work performed live is not be missed!

He will perform with artist, actor, and ‘bahngbek’ bandmate Baik Hyun-jhin.

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