In memory of Hwang Byung-ki

by Philip Gowman on 10 February, 2018

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Hwang Byung-ki

Hwang Byung-ki pictured by his gayageum in his home in 2010 (photo: LKL)

In memory of the great man, here’s a video interview on Arirang TV uploaded in January 2015:

And here he is playing one of his best-known compositions, Chimhyangmoo (침향무 | 沈香舞), performed on the KBS show Gugak Hanmadang.

The definitive obituary in English has been written by Jocelyn Clark in the Asia Times. I was lucky enough myself to get an interview with him back in 2010.

Hwang Byung-ki passed away on 31 January.


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