Hwang Byungki

In memory of the great man, here’s a video interview on Arirang TV uploaded in January 2015: And here he is playing one of his best-known compositions, Chimhyangmoo (침향무 | 沈香舞), performed on the KBS show Gugak Hanmadang. The definitive obituary in English has been written by Jocelyn Clark in the Asia Times. I was […]


February events 2018

by Philip Gowman 1 February 2018
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Before anything else, can we please have one minute’s silence in memory of the great gayageum master Hwang Byung-ki, who passed away yesterday aged 82. —— Thank you. —— And now for February’s events —— The year seemed to start slowly, but it soon picked up with all sorts of events popping up from out […]

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Event news: Korean Sounds Christmas Concert, at Kings Place

by Events Editor 28 November 2016
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The final Korean Sounds concert of the year brings some seasonal music into the programme: Korean Sounds – Christmas Concert Wednesday, 7 December 2016 – 7:30pm Hall Two | King’s Place | 90 York Way | London N1 9AG | www.kingsplace.co.uk Book tickets Daeung Baek Monggeumpo Taryeong for Five Instruments Byungki Hwang Soyeopsanbang for Geomungo […]

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Evelyn Glennie’s musical journey in Korea

by Philip Gowman 17 March 2015
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Percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie has just been in the news for winning the Polar Music Prize 2015 along with Emmylou Harris. The award, according to its website, is “one of the most prestigious and unique music prizes in the world, crossing over musical boundaries and awarded to individuals, groups and institutions in recognition of exceptional […]

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Andrew Killick on Hwang Byungki, at SOAS

by Events Editor 28 September 2014
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I’m looking forward to this particular seminar at SOAS. Andrew Killick’s book on Hwang Byungki is published by Ashgate (September 2013). You can read LKL’s 2010 interview with Hwang Byungki here. Hwang Byungki: Traditional Music and the Contemporary Composer in the Republic of Korea Andrew Killick (University of Sheffield) Date: 17 October 2014, 5:15 – […]

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2010 Travel Diary #16: A meeting with Hwang Byungki

by Philip Gowman 18 June 2010
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Tuesday 4 May 2010. Hwang Byungki is probably Korea’s best known performer and composer for the kayageum. When I submitted my proposal to the Korean Culture and Information Service for the stories I wanted to investigate during my visit – of which the main one was the preservation and reinvention of Korean traditional culture – […]

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Exploring Korean Music Old and New – Tradition and creativity

by Philip Gowman 28 February 2006

SOAS, 24 February 2006 Many thanks to Dr Keith Howard of SOAS for putting together a fascinating half-day colloquium on Korean music. Presentations were as follows: Simon Mills’s (SOAS) subject was the rhythmic drum patterns (Changdan) used in shamanistic ritual on the East coast of Korea. He focused on the startling digressions (Tokkaekki changdan) which […]

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