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LEAFF open air screenings in Leicester Square

LEAFF is constantly coming up with new ideas to keep audiences involved and engaged throughout the year. This summer, they are hosting a two-day event of free open air screenings in Leicester Square.

LEAFF open air screening poster

Sunday 28 July will feature four Chinese language screenings. LKL readers will be more interested in the screenings on Saturday 27 July, 12 noon to 8pm, which will feature four family-friendly Korean movies in celebration of 100 years of Korean cinema:

12 noon: Pororo’s Treasure Island Adventure 뽀로로 극장판 보물섬 대모험 (2019)

Pororo’s Treasure Island Adventure

Pororo and his friends discover a treasure map and head to the mysterious treasure island, where they meet the long-trapped pirate hero Captain Silver. Together they solve the mystery of the treasure map, but soon fall into danger because of evil pirate Captain Black and the island’s monsters. Can Pororo and his friends safely find the treasure?

2pm: Cracked Eggs and Noodles 파송송 계란탁 (Dir Oh Sang-hoon, 2005)

Cracked Eggs and Noodles

Dae-gyu is a working man living a stress-free dating life until one day a young boy claiming to be his son pays him an unexpected visit. After much struggle to make his son go away, Dae-gyu decides to go on a road trip after which he would return the boy to his mother.

4pm: A Barefoot Dream 맨발의 꿈 (Dir Kim Tae-kyun, 2010)

Barefoot Dream

Based on a true story, the film follows Won-Kang, a former football star who travels to East Timor for a fresh start. After seeing children playing football barefoot in the street, he decides to open a sporting goods shop – but quickly realises the kids can’t afford to buy expensive equipment. Initially despondent at his failed business, he soon has a change of heart and becomes the boys’ football coach

6pm: Stand By Me 덕구 (Dir Bang Soo-in, 2018)

Stand by Me

A grandfather raises his two grandchildren alone. He learns that he doesn’t have much time to live, so he prepares a special present for his two grandchildren.

There will be a chance to try Korean noodles, quench your thirst with bubble tea, write your name in Korean with a calligrapher and even plan a trip to Hong Kong.

The screenings are completely free of charge and there is no need to book. Arrive on time for the film and grab a deck chair to enjoy.


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