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July 2020 activities

Blue coathangers - from the cover of North Korean novel Friend

The KCCUK is reopening from 6 July, though inevitably access will be carefully controlled to ensure everyone’s safety. Rendered Reality, the exhibition featuring works by Joonhong Min and Shinuk Suh, is still installed and will remain so until 24 July.

Keep an eye on the Korea Society’s list of events. While many of their live webcasts are not in a UK-friendly timezone, the events are online to watch thereafter. Highlight this month is a discussion on the novel Friend by North Korean author Paek Nam-Nyong. The discussion will be led by the novel’s translator, Immanuel Kim. 9 July (US) / 10 July (UK / Korea)

The KCCUK’s literature night this month focuses on Kim Ji-young Born 1982, with the discussion led by playwright In-Sook Chappell. 29 July.

The Udine Far East Film Festival is online for a couple more days, with a few Korean films available outside of Italy.

Stacey Dooley investigates Molka - image courtesy BBC

On BBC iPlayer you can find Stacey Dooley’s sensitive investigation of the “Molka” spycam phenomemon, for the next few months.

The KCCUK has worked with Birkbeck to curate a season of online screenings of movies available on the Korean Film Archive Youtube Channel. The added value consists of curators’ introductions, blog posts, additional short film screenings and an online discussion to finish the season. July virtual screenings are Park Chul-soo’s 301, 302 (17 July) and Shin Sang-ok’s The Eunuch (30 July). And a reminder that LKL has done you a service by compiling as complete an index as we think is available anywhere of the Archive’s channel, which you can find here.

The KCCUK’s limited-period online music screenings currently feature a series of gugak fusion concerts

And yes, the real world is slowly coming back to life: in Sloane Square, Pontone Gallery is open and their current exhibition includes works by a new artist of theirs, Joung Young-ju. They look lovely. Ends 5 July.

And in the City, at the corner of Moorgate and London Wall, Art Moorhouse is hosting a group show featuring three Korean artists from the Albemarle / Pontone stable. Until 15 September.

Let me know what I’ve missed. Other online / home-bound recommendations can be found in the April | May | June posts.

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