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Ilhwa Kim solo show at HOFA Gallery

Ilhwa Kim returns to HOFA with the same early Autumn slot as last year.

Ilhwa Kim solo show at HOFA Gallery

HOFA Gallery | 11 Bruton Street | Mayfair | London W1J 6PY |
28 September – 12 October 2020

Ilhwa Kim: Space Sample 13 (2017)
Ilhwa Kim: Space Sample 13 (2017). Hand-dyed hanji paper, 93 x 119 x 13 cm (Courtesy the gallery and artist)

Contemporary Asian artist, Ilhwa Kim will be returning to HOFA with her highly anticipated solo exhibition.

Ilhwa Kim lives and works in South Korea and is known for monumental works of art composed of intricate hand-painted Hanji paper constellations, which exist between the realms of sculpture and painting.

Her abstract artworks are vast landscapes composed of thousands of Hanji paper seeds whose inherent dynamism create shifting textures, dimensions, and colors when viewed from different angles and distances, or under different lighting. Ilhwa Kim’s art has the amazing ability to surprise the senses, appearing to evolve from morning to night as the small seed universes, individually formed from hand-painted Hanji paper, engage in constant dialogue with each other. They immerse the viewer in a colorful world of textural abundance that intrigues and delights the senses through their organic multiplicity and mutability.

Ilhwa Kim, who considers herself a sculptor of the senses, wants her upcoming solo show to be “a direct comment on how our senses get organized,” becoming evolving systems, “…when we see a thing or a location together.”


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