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18th K-pop Academy: application window open

The K-pop Academy moves online for its 18th season. Judging by the choice of application methods and the draft programme details, a new emphasis this time is on bolstering the army of YouTube influencers for Korean culture! The more the merrier!

The 18th K-Pop Academy

Dates: 19 September – 31 October 2020
Time: Every Saturday afternoon from 2.00 – 4.00pm*
Location: Online, via Zoom
Apply via KCCUK website by 9 September 2020

K-Pop Academy poster

Are you keen to learn more about Korea and share your love of K-Pop with other passionate fans across the UK?

Our unique K-Pop Academy programme is a 7-week course which introduces fans of Korean pop music to diverse aspects of traditional and contemporary Korean culture – and this autumn, it’s getting an online makeover.

Join us for a series of fun, educational lectures and workshops on the online platform Zoom, covering everything from K-Pop dance to traditional Korean clothing and cuisine.

From the comfort of your own home, meet the UK’s leading experts on Korean culture including Dr Anders Karlsson and Dr Jungtaek Lee (SOAS University), Dr Colette Balmain (Kingston University), Tammy Jane (London KPop Dance Workshop) and Korean cuisine expert Chef Hyungsoo Yim.

And that’s not all: this year for the first time we’re introducing a series of workshops led by our very own K-Pop Academy graduates, who will share their knowledge on the aspects of the Korean Wave they are most passionate about from K-Pop and K-Dramas to the secrets behind K-Pop idols’ makeup and skincare, and tips on becoming a successful K-Influencer.

What are you waiting for? Check out the programme details and full timetable below, and apply now for your chance to take part.

Provisional timetable

19 September (2-4 pm) K-Pop – Integration and Diversification
26 September (2-4 pm) K-Pop Cover Dance
3 October (2-4 pm) History of Korea to the late 19th Century
10 October (2-4 pm) Korean Clothing: hanbok and its style in the K-Pop MV
17 October (2-4 pm) Korean Food: hansik

Graduates’ Special Workshop Series
24 October (1) K-Pop Makeup
24 October (2) K-Pop and beyond
31 October (1) Becoming a K-Influencer
31 October (2) Korea on Screen: Films and K-Dramas

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