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K-Music 2021: Sinnoi + Dongyang Gozupa

Before heading to WOMEX in Porto, Dongyang Gozupa joins the K-music festival to perform at the Coronet Theatre for a double bill with Sinnoi, a quartet led by vocalist Bora Kim, ‘her flawless voice gliding between the purest of high tones and animalistic growls’ (Songlines). An exciting night with a true mixture of fresh sounds and immaculately harmonized melodies.

Sinnoi + Dongyang Gozupa

Friday 22 October + Saturday 23 October 2021, 7:30pm
The Coronet Theatre | 103 Notting Hill Gate | Notting Hill | London W11 3LB
Tickets £16 | Book tickets

Dongyang Gozupa

Dongyang Gozupa

Dongyang Gozupa have been selected in WOMEX for the second consecutive year thanks to their outstanding performances. Ahead of this show, they come to K-Music to perform this double bill Sinnoi at Coronet Theatre, Notting Hill.

In a hard-hitting combination of progressive, post-rock and the psychedelic possibilities of the yanggeum (Korean metal-stringed zither), the name Dongyang Gozupa translates as ‘eastern high frequency’, providing a clue to their music – a trail-blazing, percussion-driven sound with the yanggeum at its centre.

Band Members:
Dohyuk Jang (Percussions)
Eunhwa Yun (Yanggeum)
Minhwi Ham (Bass)



A unique presence on the jazz scene, Sinnoi has recently teamed up with new members – the legendary geomungo player Jeong-seok Lee from Geomungo Factory who stormed the first edition of the K-Music Festival, and Go Dam; an electronic ambient sound artist and producer.

Pursuing a minimalist composition with rich, deep musical interplay of improvised and delicate exchanges, the band delivers new styles that transcend genres and musical ages. Pansori, jazz, and modern electronic forces combine to create a truly outstanding and original sound.

Band Members:
Wonsool Lee (Leader, Bass)
Bora Kim (Vocal)
Go Dam (Electronic Sounds)
Jeong-seok Lee (Geomungo / Struck zither)

Sinnoi’s London performance is a part of their first ever European tour followed by performances in Belgium and the Netherlands.

This programme is sponsored by the Platform Changdong61, a cutting edge venue that’s in the forefront of music in Seoul.


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