Review: Jinyeob Cha in Bongsu Park’s Dream Ritual

The stage is black, preparing you for sleep; the floor slightly mirrored. The space is empty apart from a curtain of transparent silvery organza fabric whose flowing folds represent the peaks and troughs of a typical sleep brainwave, and between which the dancer will move like a ghost. The dancer enters, pulling a another fabric […]

Gig Review: Dok2 at the Coronet Theatre

Saharial reports from Sunday’s live Kpop concert It’s not often that London is graced with the presence of Korean Hip-hop, but the Kpop Team announced proudly a month or so ago that they had arranged for Dok2 to have a concert in London, not just to showcase a talented act, but to hopefully pave the […]

2011: the year K-pop goes global?

I’m now losing track of the number of flashmobs, talent contests and auditions organised by fans, the Ministry of Culture or Korean TV stations, all with the aim of getting K-pop out of Korea and into … well just about anywhere overseas. K-pop has of course been big in Asia for a while, has tried […]