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Tiger is Coming: Ambiguous Dance Company

They’ve collaborated with Coldplay and of course Leenalchi. Now’s a chance to see them on their own, in their major piece, Body Concert. The first performance is sold out, but there are still tickets left for subsequent evenings.

Tiger is Coming: Ambiguous Dance Company

Date: Friday 16 September - Sunday 18 September 2022, 7:30pm
Coronet Theatre | 103 Notting Hill Gate | London W11 3LB | | [Map]

Tickets: £10 - £40 | Buy tickets here
Ambiguous Dance Company Body Concert

International dance sensation Ambiguous Dance Company present the incredible Body Concert, in their UK premiere. Their pioneering hologram appearance at the BRIT awards amassed over 300 million views online, but now Ambiguous are here live breaking down barriers of genre and all preconceptions, to present a fresh, exciting and electric evening of dance work.

Structured like a concert, the show transcends the limits of the human body. Through a dynamic journey of 10 captivating sequences, Body Concert’s striking choreography provides the perfect introduction to a new evolution of contemporary dance.

Gaining global recognition through their collaboration with pop sensation Coldplay, these well-known faces of South Korea were chosen to feature in a major national tourism campaign, reinforcing their status as one the country’s most prominent collectives. Founded by choreographer Boram Kim and dancer Kyeongmin Jang in 2008, the name of the group perfectly describes the “undefinable”” characteristics of their genre-defying dance.

Choreography: Boram Kim
Dancers: Boram Kim, KyeongMin Jang, Jisoo Gong, SoJeong Im, HyunHo Kim, DeokYong Kim, GyuEun Han
Lighting director: DaeDoo Bae
Sound director: HyungRok An
Stage manager: EunJin Jo
Tour producer: HeeJin Lee

Ambiguous Dance Company

Ambiguous Dance Company was founded by choreographer Boram Kim and dancer Kyeongmin Jang in 2008. The name of the group describes the “undefinable and ambiguous” characteristics of their dance style. Escaping from genres and preconceptions, the group expresses what is in their hearts through movement and music. Rather than focusing on delivering an artistic message or meaning, they intend to convey the true nature and purity of humanity, believing that the bodily expression of music and dance form the most accurate and truest language.

Boram Kim (Choreographer)

Born in Korea, Boram Kim entered into the field of contemporary dance unconventionally. Working as a back-up dancer for 10 years, he began to wonder about how dance speaks to the audience, and with passion and ambition, he began to develop his own choreography.

Kim established his own dance company called “Ambiguous Dance Company” in 2007. Since its formation, he has created three works a year on average. To Kim, creating dance works flushes out uncertainties ingrained within him. In the process of creating, stories and answers to these uncertainties are existentially and inherently revealed. Kim begins this process by choosing music. When interpreting the music, movements begin to take form in his mind, intertwining with melodies and rhythms, like a shuttle weaving across a loom.

In Kim’s work, he seeks to return to the core of music and dance: pursuing sound before music itself and body movement before dance, through which one can find distinct musical interpretation. Boram Kim hopes to convey intimate communication, harmonising music and dance.

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