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Mind, Hand and Time: Dahye Jeong, at Cromwell Place

An exhibition designed to coincide with London Craft Week:

Mind, Hand and Time: Dahye Jeong, at Cromwell Place

Date: Tuesday 9 May - Sunday 14 May 2023
Cromwell Place | 4 Cromwell Place | South Kensington | London SW7 2JE | | [Map]

Tickets: Free | Reserve your slot here
Exhibition will be in Gallery 5
A basket woven out of horsehair by Dahye Jeong

The exhibition presents Korea’s unique culture through the works of Dahye Jeong, winner of the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize 2022, and showcased for the first time outside of South Korea.

Exhibition organised in collaboration with and supported by Loewe Foundation and presented as part of London Craft Week 2023.

About the artist

Dahye JeongDahye Jeong. Originally from Jeju island, in the furthest southern part of the Korean peninsula. Historically the island has been known for its natural resources, particularly the sea, the Halla Mountain and the female gender who are known to be strong and resilient because of the harsh climate conditions. Dahye too has the resilient nature in her. She has been inspired by Korea’s ancient headwear made from horsehair worn by men in the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910). These were made for different purposes and they come in many different shapes. She studied the ancient headwear for a period of time and then developed her own method of working, particularly in the weave. Based on the different historical weaves, she creates vessel shapes.

The jury for the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize unanimously selected her work because of the sensitivity and the finesse that remain unmatched to anything so far. Each piece is the result of pain-staking patience and time. A certain kind of mind-setting is needed to be able to complete a single piece.

Image credit: Copyright of Dahye Jeong. Courtesy of Soluna Art Group

2 thoughts on “Mind, Hand and Time: Dahye Jeong, at Cromwell Place

  1. Hi
    The dates for the exhibition needs to be changed, May 9, it starts, opening at 14 hours on this day. I am one of the organizer for the exhibition. Much appreciated!

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